Have yourselves a very merry weekend.

After a couple of weeks that included a cold/flu and bit of a funk, I’m back. Last weekend was spent celebrating the fact that it finally snowed and we wandered around the city like little kids just taking it all in.  This weekend no snow and we’re not sure what our plans are, but here’s to hoping we  stumble upon something interesting. Tonight however, I will be celebrating a friend’s first anniversary of living in NYC…it should be fuuunnn!! I’m soooo excited, I can’t stand it!! hope you have a fabulous weekend.  Después de unas cuantas semanas que incluyeron una gripilla y nos días de no sentirme tan bien, estoy de regreso.  El fin de semana pasado celebramos el hecho de que finalmente nevó y recorrimos la ciudad como niños disfrutando del panorama.  Este fin no hay nieve y no tenemos planes, pero estoy segura que con algo interesante nos toparemos.  Hoy por la noche celebraré el primer aniversario (de vivir en NYC) de un amiguito. Estoy super emocionada! Espero que tengan un fin espectacular.


~mrs. b

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Cutest Little Red Riding Hood

This is pretty stinking cute and AMAZING!! These are the original birds that I wanted for my wedding, but since she never got back to me about them I went into emergency mode and asked my talented friend Lisa to make them (they turned out pretty fabulous).

I still follow the Ann Wood blog though….I think it’s super interesting and I love her stuff and Little Red Riding Hood is proof that she’s awesome!


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Bag lady

Three times within the last few weeks I’ve read/heard about all the stuff that women keep in their purses.

First, I read a magazine article (fine! it was OK magazine while I was getting my nails done), then I got an email telling me that J.Crew is going to start doing “The handbag shop: Case study” which will take a look at a staffers bag each month, AND I also saw it on an episode of the Nate Berkus show.  He said he couldn’t believe that we always carry these giant purses and wondered what exactly we have inside of them that they weigh so much?  There was a lady on the show that carried a bra and an extra shirt just in case.  I’m not THAT bad…but I do carry a bunch of essential stuff:

note: I like to have different bags/pouches to carry my things in just to keep everything slightly more organized.

1) Wallet with all the basic/important stuff

2) Little zip pouch where I keep my gift cards, discount cards and “buy 5 get one free” cards.

3) Pouch that carries coupons, check book, pen, sharpie, stamps, receipts, movie tickets, dental floss, excedrin (and other pills), etc…..

4) Glasses: regular and sun

5) Phone & ear phones, mirror, lip gloss, tweezers, hand cream, mini perfume, 1-3 lipsticks or balms with their liners, lip primer, gum, eye concealer and de-puffer, mini notebook, keys, key ring with frequent buyer cards, baby wipes and a cute hankie for disgusting hot days like the last few ones.

6) Pouch with women stuff

7) See thru pouch (to easily spot everything) with: emergency touch up make up, mini toothpicks, bandaids, disposable soap, emergency stash stomach ache meds and nail file

What’s in YOUR heavy bag?!



~Mrs. B

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Caricature Us

A few weeks ago we went to a wedding industry BBQ hoe down.  We had some yummy food, met some lovely people and got a caricature of us done.  We requested that he draw us both holding teacup pigs. Why?? We’ve been obsessed with these tiny little creatures and really wanted one…..until we realized that they still get pretty big (medium dog size) and it wouldn’t be the greatest idea to have a 40 lb. hoofed animal running around in a small apartment.  So we figured at least we’d get them in print. We still want one, but we’re waiting until we get a big house with a huge yard for them to hang out in.
This is what it looks like….

Doesn’t really look anything like us. I told Mr. B that it looks more like Brangelina dont you think? But we’re happy with it….our cartoon characters aren’t really supposed to look like us. And we love our pigs!



~Mrs. B

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Well…lots of things have happened in the last few weeks…..

First I finally started going to the gym again. My mother and brother will be happy to know this since they keep calling me chubs. I’ve been going to classes because I feel more motivated than when I go and just get on the machines. I’ve discovered a new class that I absolutely love….ZUMBA!! It’s basically an hour of fun dancing and you sweat like crazy!

We got a great surprise “congratulations on your wedding” card from some of Nick’s family and it had a macy’s gift card inside….so we went to get something, which led us to discover that we had slightly over $200 more on our leftover card than I thought. AWESOME!! so we purchased a juicer and now I’m making fresh juice almost every day!
I also got a meat grinder attachment for my mixer and I can’t WAIT to make my own ground meat for delicious bacon-blue-cheese-burgers!

We went with friends to see Dinner for Schmucks monday night and I really really really liked Julie’s hair! So much so that I decided to cut it like hers.  Coincidentally I have a hair appointment later today so it worked out that I had to wait 2 weeks for it!

Stay tuned for pics of the new hair…..


~Mrs. B

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I’m a student again…..weird!


So I’ve really been wanting to learn the patina process as well as to solder silver and I get to learn both sometime this semester!!!!!! YAY!!!!  I’m officially a student again which is kind of weird, but I’m really excited. Miraculously I somehow got into the jewelry class at OCC even though it was completely packed and I will be learning quite a few things.  I  can’t wait to share my progress.

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hello, my name is……

Hello there, I’m Yanessa.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog to share all my adventures in crafting, photography, cooking, travel, family and other crazy projects or stories…..and after 2 months of a blank blog page I figured today was as good a day as any to finally start. So here goes.

note: I’m really bad at keeping up with any kind of journal or diary, but I will try my best to keep it up to date. 


After reading my friend’s blog finishedproducts.blogspot.com I decided I needed a list of my own to keep track of my projects. So far it consists of 2 things: 


1. starting my etsy page
2. another list. One with all the birthdays or weddings I need to make cards or presents for.
I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can come up with at the moment. Thanks for the idea Lisa!
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