Le weekend and until we meet again!


My heart is saddened as I write this. Last night we said farewell to some of our dearest friends.  They hit us about a month ago with the news that they were moving out of the city for work reasons….and while all of us (including them) understand that they have to be responsible and grown up about it, it SUCKS! They are the people we hang out with the most and it’s going to be lonely without them.  We love you and we will miss you terribly!

Estoy super triste! Anoche nos despedimos de unos de nuestros mejores amigos. Nos aventaron la bomba de que se mudaban hace como un mes por razones de trabajo….y pues aunque entendemos que tienen que ser adultos responsables, no queremos que se vayan!!! Son los amigos con los que nos juntamos todo el tiempo y no va a ser lo mismo sin ellos.  Los queremos y los extrañaremos muchísimo!

On other news I have quite a few projects to work on this weekend so hopefully that will keep me somewhat busy.  Hope you have a lovely weekend….I’ll be hanging out with these guys!

Cambiando de tema tengo varios proyectos planeados para este fin y espero que me mantengan ocupada. Espero que tengan un buen fin de semana!



~mrs. b

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Mini Valentine Making Party

After looking through the february issue of Living and finding the coolest little valentine making party,a couple of my friends and I decided to have our mini version of it at my place (since I have all the card making goods) and copy their dinner and dessert: Pizza sandwiches with arugula & basil salad and peanut butter and jam cookies!!  (their pics are way better than mine…I had loads of crappy lighting! sorry!)

So last thursday night we prepared all the goods for the pizza sandwiches and cookies and enjoyed a lovely dinner with champagne!  My friend Alisia’s engagement happened Wednesday night so the news called for a celebratory beverage…..which in my mind is ALWAYS ALWAYS champagne (or some kind of sparkling wine!).


{CHEERS! Congratulations Alisia & Jon!}

{Isn’t her ring pretty?}

{ready for some peanut butter & raspberry jam cookies?}

{so they’re a little fopped up, but they were pretty delicious!}

{card making gets intense!}

Have yourselves a Happy pre-Valentine’s weekend!


~Mrs. B

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Afternoon delight ~ Love tent!

Hello my dears! I apologize for my disappearance, I’ve been a little crazy… I’m back though and I found this awesome little love tent that I really want to copy!!! I found it on one of my daily blogs (Design Sponge – they always have amazing things!) and I love that they give you step by step instructions on how to make one of your own! Thanks Design Sponge!

Enjoy! (click on the image)

{love it!}


~Mrs. B

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Seriously FREE!!!

Hello there!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Look what I found…..If you’re still in need of a 2011 calendar like I am, here’s a really really cute one for FREE!! What a better way to start the new year!

Thank you to EZ over at Creature Comforts for posting this awesomeness! Click on the picture to find the original post!  ENJOY!!



~Mrs. B

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Afternoon Delight ~ Recycling Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I always feel guilty about getting rid of my Christmas cards and throwing all that Christmas paper away. Well…..look what I found on Martha Stewart!!!!! Really cute ideas on what to do with leftover wrapping paper and your Christmas cards…they are so clever over at Martha.

ENJOY!!! (click on the pics)


Recycled Christmas card crafts


Left-over Christmas wrap ideas

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Final Casting Project…

Well a week before Christmas was my last week of school and my final project was due.  It was a lot of work, but I managed to finish it and I love it!! I learned how to set the little stones and I’m very excited to use those in the future.  I think I may get an A in the class and that makes me really happy!!!

Theme: our profession. Since I don’t really work at the moment other than on my etsy shoppe I said my profession is: artist/jeweler/homemaker-housewife.

I made everything including the chain. The flower ring is removable so I can wear it on my finger and it represents the homemaker part. It’s a peony.

The palette…well a little obvious no?  and the balls are silver beads that I cast (originally 3 but didn’t work out); they represent the jeweler part.

Some before pics…..

Finished necklace….

I’m probably going to take it apart and just use the ring as a ring and re-position the beads on the necklace so I can actually wear it.  Otherwise it looks too artsy/school/projecty no?



~Mrs. B

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