Happy birthday Mama!

Today is my mother’s birthday! Feliz Cumpleaños MA!!! We celebrated yesterday by going down for dinner (which her friend invited her to and we just kind of invited ourselves….) and ended up having a lovely meal and surprise run-in with some of our really good friends.

Our adventure started with us (N, my dad, my brother and myself) walking across the border and my mom picked us up.  We went to dinner with close family friends to Chans and it was pretty delicious.

Then, Maricarmen (my mom’s friend) mentioned that her daughters had decorated her house for her grand-daughter’s quinceañera (15th bday party) and insisted that we come see. So we ended our night crashing a quinceañera and hanging out for a little bit with our good friends Fer and her husband.

We got dropped off at the border, walked back across and drove back up here getting us home around midnight….all in all quite a fun night. (~extra treat ~ I ended up bringing some mexican candy from the party home with me….yay for me!!) Happy Birthday Mama Elisheva…..Te queremos mucho!!!
~Mrs. B
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Caricature Us

A few weeks ago we went to a wedding industry BBQ hoe down.  We had some yummy food, met some lovely people and got a caricature of us done.  We requested that he draw us both holding teacup pigs. Why?? We’ve been obsessed with these tiny little creatures and really wanted one…..until we realized that they still get pretty big (medium dog size) and it wouldn’t be the greatest idea to have a 40 lb. hoofed animal running around in a small apartment.  So we figured at least we’d get them in print. We still want one, but we’re waiting until we get a big house with a huge yard for them to hang out in.
This is what it looks like….

Doesn’t really look anything like us. I told Mr. B that it looks more like Brangelina dont you think? But we’re happy with it….our cartoon characters aren’t really supposed to look like us. And we love our pigs!



~Mrs. B

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oh the joys….

Yesterday when I came downstairs, I found myself staring at my counter. Why you ask? Well (please see below)….wouldn’t you?? And it was even better because it was nicely wrapped in a plastic grocery bag from “La Ley” (grocery store in TJ). I was really confused because: 1. it wasn’t there last night when we went to sleep; 2. Neither of us likes tequila; 3. I’ve never seen this brand (but it looks like another well known one…so I’m guessing it’s a knock off!)

So I called my husband and this is how it went……
Me: Sooooo……Why is there tequila on the counter?
N: (laughing) oh it’s a wedding gift from Jose!
Me: ?!?! huh?? (side note~ we’ve been married 1 1/2 years)
N: yeah…you know, from work!
Me: when did he give it to you?
N: oh i don’t know….before we got married….
yep. it’s been at work since then and he just decided to bring it home on thursday.
…..on another note….today I got this in the mail
It makes my heart happy. Every issue makes me want to make everything in it and then I never do….but a girl can dream right?
~Mrs. B
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I’m a student again…..weird!


So I’ve really been wanting to learn the patina process as well as to solder silver and I get to learn both sometime this semester!!!!!! YAY!!!!  I’m officially a student again which is kind of weird, but I’m really excited. Miraculously I somehow got into the jewelry class at OCC even though it was completely packed and I will be learning quite a few things.  I  can’t wait to share my progress.

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hello, my name is……

Hello there, I’m Yanessa.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog to share all my adventures in crafting, photography, cooking, travel, family and other crazy projects or stories…..and after 2 months of a blank blog page I figured today was as good a day as any to finally start. So here goes.

note: I’m really bad at keeping up with any kind of journal or diary, but I will try my best to keep it up to date. 


After reading my friend’s blog finishedproducts.blogspot.com I decided I needed a list of my own to keep track of my projects. So far it consists of 2 things: 


1. starting my etsy page
2. another list. One with all the birthdays or weddings I need to make cards or presents for.
I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can come up with at the moment. Thanks for the idea Lisa!
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