Happy Weekend ~ fabulous new additions to my blogroll

Here are 9 new wonderful reads that I’ve been obsessed with for a while now and I know soon you will too.  They’re all full of fashion+style, food+entertaining, cities+travel, design, and much much more sweet girly goodness (and some interests for the gents too)…as you well know, ALL my favorite!!  Hope you find some inspiration for your daily life!

{Mimi + Meg}

{Crow and Canary}

{Apartment #34}

{Oh Joy!}

{cupcakes and cashmere}

{hither & thither}

{the city sage}

{A cup of Jo}

{lox papers}

These should be really fun reads this weekend!! Enjoy!!

~Mrs. B

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It’s been 2 years!

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary!! I can’t even believe it!! I think we still find ourselves saying we just got married.  On our trip last weekend all the sales guys kept calling us honeymooners and one even went as far as saying that it was because I still looked happy.  So I guess that’s a good sign right? And I am! It’s been hard, but it’s been super fun and I’m looking forward to the years to come.

Here’s a little video N made when we were in Southern Italy for our honeymoon. ENJOY!!

The Fiat Express from Crafthouse Productions on Vimeo.

Happy Anniversary monkey! Te amo!



~Mrs. B

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{Updated} Anniversary Trip/Family Visit

Tomorrow the hubs and I will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary. It’s so crazy how time flies.  To celebrate we decided to plan a trip.  Since we had been wanting to go to Guadalajara to visit my grandparents anyway (N still hadn’t met my grandpa) we settled on a mini getaway to Puerto Vallarta with a quick stay in Guadalajara. It worked out perfectly because it had also just been my grandpa’s birthday so we surprised him with a visit.

So on Wednesday we drove down to San Diego, transferred to my mothers car and headed to TJ (Tijuana – for those of you that are confused…).  The flights are way cheaper if you fly within the country so we try to fly out of TJ whenever possible.  That day was also my brother’s 26th birthday so we went to eat and he joined us as soon as he landed from his business trip.  Not only did we have a delicious meal before our 3 hour flight, but we got to spend some time with him as well.  That night my uncle picked us up from the airport and we dropped my dad off at my grandparents house.  He ended up taking the same flight as us so he could visit with them the same day as us to keep N company (since my grandparents don’t speak english and he doesn’t speak spanish hehe).  We stayed at my aunt Miriam’s house (she’s my mom’s youngest sister).

Thursday we ventured out by ourselves with my uncle’s borrowed truck and GPS and we managed to make it all the way across town to my grandparents house.

{this thing is amazing. i want that!}

{my driver}

{fun buildings on our drive}

My grandma and my aunt Mirella made super delicious pozole for lunch and we spent the entire afternoon with them there. It was nice to hang out with all of them, I hadn’t seen them in a very long time.

{aren’t they cute?!}

{abuelita María….or as N calls her little baby grandma}

{tía Yeya, me, abuelito Moises, tío Tavi, abuelita María, N & pa (my cousin Tavito is taking the picture)}

{me and grandma & grandpa being silly}


After we left the grandparents we went back to my aunt and uncle’s and they took us to a delicious potato and taco place. Of course we had their specialty: stuffed potatoes- carne asada, bacon, mushrooms, cheese and gooey yummy sauces.

{cool bridge on the way to dinner}


{with my little cousin Natalia}

Our original plan was to rent a car in Guadalajara, drive to Vallarta and drop the car off at the airport.  Unfortunately it’s kind of pricey to drop cars off at different airports sooooo we ended up taking a bus.  It was actually quite nice…beautiful scenery and a nice long nap.  After a 4 1/2 hour ride we got to the coast completely refreshed and ready to get to our hotel to spend time alone without the chatter of my family.  We’re very very chatty and loud!

We stayed at the Marriot Casa Magna.  All in all it is a very nice hotel, however….what kind of hotel doesn’t offer free WIFI nowadays??? (especially such a big chain)….even the Comfort Inn a block away has free WIFI. Our stay was very pleasant though and we had perfect weather.

{hotel grounds}

{in our pool garb}

{this awesomeness greeted us in our room one of the days after our afternoon laziness}


One of the things I miss most about mexican beaches is the fruit! Especially the coconuts with lime/chili and the glass of REAL coconut water on the side!!!! so I had one every day we were there. what? I was on vacation! and now I’m craving them again.

{my weakness}

Our mornings started with a walk to the starbucks on the marina (free WIFI)…our afternoons were filled with sun, fruit, beers and lazy reading. It was awesome! I got to catch up on all my magazines. I felt rested and refreshed!


{on our morning walk}

{being silly in the pool}

{more underwater fun}

{i decided to go a little crazy with my drink}

{can you tell which is the real one and which 2 are spider man?}


Our nights consisted of nice walks in the downtown area and dinner.  The first night we ended up getting sucked into a kind of touristy place for dinner, but we had delicious queso fundido with squash blossoms AND there was a singer there who made up his own words to american songs so it was very entertaining for us.  The second night we ended up at this little taco place that was also pretty touristy…it seems you can’t get away from it….so we just went with it and stayed there.  We were not disappointed.  We had one of their specialties….volcanes: little tostadas with cheese and carne al pastor with pineapple and cilantro! oh they were so so good…I had 4!!! Don’t judge! Vallarta is known for their tacos al pastor so we were pretty happy we had some while we were there.

{puerto vallarta sunset}

{volcán! sooo soo good!}

{getting a to-go cup}

{one of our cooks}

{exploring the area}

{one of the 2 super cute churches we saw}


Our last night we went to this little restaurant called El Arrayán which serves traditional mexican cuisine, with a more upscale gourmet twist! It was delicious! N got the duck carnitas (it wasn’t served like carnitas though) and I got the delicious barbacoa. Yum!!! Our drinks were also spectacular: a coconut margarita and a grapefruit vodka mojito. It was the perfect ending to our mini trip.


{duck carnitas}




{juguetes (toys)}

{this is the second church (sorry i don’t remember their names!)}

{our last night}

We were sad to leave the nice weather and cozy/lazy days by the pool…but we were slightly glad to leave the amount of loud tourists behind.


~Mrs. B

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Guadalajara/Pto. Vallarta….coming soon

Just wanted to let you know I’m working on the post form our trip last weekend.  Two more days until our 2 year wedding anniversary…WOAH! CRAZY!

Stay tuned for the full post. Here’s a teaser…. Have a wonderful weekend!!

{our meal before my mom dropped us off at the airport….cabrería YUM!}

{the helpings and some agua de horchata}

{on our flight: free snacks, beer & coffee}

{my little cousin}

{our lovely view from our pool, pretty no?}

{on our way back home……}


~Mrs. B

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Adiós dos mil diez, Hola dos mil once!

So many things happened in 2010, some good, some really good and of course some not so good ones. But all in all it was a pretty good year for us… here are the highlights….

1.We started the new year sick! (a souvenir from our Christmas trip to Mazatlan).

2.We celebrated our first wedding anniversary.  In Santa Barbara.

3. Nick started his business (he’s really talented!!)

4. I learned to cast!!

5. We went to Paris and NY. *sigh*

6. We went on a hot air balloon ride.

7. I chopped my hair off!

8. We learned to sew.

9. Yanessa B. passed the 150 sales mark! Yay!

10. After lots of prayer, we decided to move to NYC.

For this coming year we have lots of new adventures to look forward to and I’m thankful for that. I can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned for us and our family. I’m also really excited to get rid of a bunch of stuff in our moving cleanse! Yayy!! What do you have to look forward to??

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU!!! I pray that 2011 brings you peace, joy and blessings galore. Thank you all for your support!

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace”

Numbers 6:24-26

Jehová te bendiga, y te guarde; Jehová haga resplandecer su rostro sobre ti, y tenga de ti misericordia; Jehová alce sobre ti su rostro, y ponga en ti paz.

Números 6:24-26

* * *

And to continue my recycling theme I leave you with a really cool idea for a new year’s soiree using your Christmas decorations and inexpensive DIY glasses from the folks over at Design*Sponge. (click on the picture)



~Mrs. B

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Birthday fun, part 1

So to start the celebration we decided to go to disneyland on wednesday not just because it was my birthday, but also because it was the last day to use our annual passes and we won’t be renewing so we did an entire day at the happiest place on earth. It turned out to be the most awesome day for lots of reasons…. (btw…this is a long post, but don’t be scared…..it’s mostly pictures!)

1. Everyone says happy birthday to you. It feels pretty good.

2. It was supposed to rain all day long and then it turned out to be a lovely brisk fall day.

3. The promise of rain scared lots of people off so the wait lines weren’t more than 20 minutes. Sad part though…Toy story ride was closed, but its ok because…..

4. I got a picture with the princesses. My very first one ever!

5. The old time piano player man played happy birthday and Alice and her guest sang it andddd then the mad hatter sang a very merry unbirthday to me as well….cause he hates the birthday song!!

Happy Birthday Yanessa from Yanessa Bowser on Vimeo.

6. We got a picture with Woody and Jesse. And we got to play with baby goats.

. . .

7. We finally were able to see the World of Color show.


world of color preview from Yanessa Bowser on Vimeo.

Here’s some more fun pictures of the day…….

walking through a bug’s land

walking through a bug’s land

tower or terror

look, there’s a ghost! haha

after captain EO

space mountain

classic disneyland

just outside the little farm (behind thunder mountain)

together outside the farm

man who stares at goats

this is what we’re hoping our carved pumpkins will look like this year

nico and his friends

turkey leg

hidden camera

california screamin’

It was a pretty amazingly fun day and the fun doesn’t stop there. Next week it will continue with our stay at South Coast Winery and a hot air balloon ride. My hubs is pretty awesome! I can’t WAIT!!


~Mrs. B

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Bag lady

Three times within the last few weeks I’ve read/heard about all the stuff that women keep in their purses.

First, I read a magazine article (fine! it was OK magazine while I was getting my nails done), then I got an email telling me that J.Crew is going to start doing “The handbag shop: Case study” which will take a look at a staffers bag each month, AND I also saw it on an episode of the Nate Berkus show.  He said he couldn’t believe that we always carry these giant purses and wondered what exactly we have inside of them that they weigh so much?  There was a lady on the show that carried a bra and an extra shirt just in case.  I’m not THAT bad…but I do carry a bunch of essential stuff:

note: I like to have different bags/pouches to carry my things in just to keep everything slightly more organized.

1) Wallet with all the basic/important stuff

2) Little zip pouch where I keep my gift cards, discount cards and “buy 5 get one free” cards.

3) Pouch that carries coupons, check book, pen, sharpie, stamps, receipts, movie tickets, dental floss, excedrin (and other pills), etc…..

4) Glasses: regular and sun

5) Phone & ear phones, mirror, lip gloss, tweezers, hand cream, mini perfume, 1-3 lipsticks or balms with their liners, lip primer, gum, eye concealer and de-puffer, mini notebook, keys, key ring with frequent buyer cards, baby wipes and a cute hankie for disgusting hot days like the last few ones.

6) Pouch with women stuff

7) See thru pouch (to easily spot everything) with: emergency touch up make up, mini toothpicks, bandaids, disposable soap, emergency stash stomach ache meds and nail file

What’s in YOUR heavy bag?!



~Mrs. B

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Lamb Burger Success

I’ve been wanting to make lamb burgers for a while now and today….I did.  Lamb is something else we’re slightly obsessed with, so I had to at least try to make them!!!

I got the lamb at costco, cleaned it and froze it (it grinds better when frozen….yes I did it myself with my trusty Kitchen Aid attachment!).  I looked for a recipe on line and found this one (minus the relish) and made it our own by adding some oregano and a splash of olive oil.

We also added some feta cheese while grilling (I have my very own professional grill master….his name is husband), made some caramelized onions (for Nick), added some spinach and a little yogurt sauce.  I served it on a slice of Gilroy garlic sourdough bread and with a side of this amazing orzo salad from Real Simple.

Oh yeah…and I don’t like tomatoes, but Nick does so for him I made a kabob of miniature tomatoes with some olive oil, salt, pepper and a lil’ bit of lemon juice. He said they were pretty awesome!!!

Oh my goodnesssss!!!! You don’t even know how delicious it was!! You must try it!

P.S. ~ My  yogurt sauce is something I make for lots of things. I use non fat plain yogurt, salt, pepper and garlic (all to taste).  For this version I also added some fresh dill.




~Mrs. B

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