I started my jewelry class about a month ago and I love it.  I’m finally casting, I’m learning so much and it’s super fun and exciting.  I still have a lot of cleaning up to do, but here’s the progress of my first project which is due next thursday…..

this is what I started with
my drawing
about to start carving
carving done
done casting...ignore the button it'll be gone!
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Advanced class

Well…I took the advanced jewelry class in the spring and it was a huge FAIL! Don’t get me wrong I got a B…but all we did was enameling and frankly I don’t care for it. I love how it looks, but I don’t care to create it. It’s a hard process and I’m a VERY clumsy person so that led to lots of disasters.

I’ll share some pics of my projects anyways….

1. Self portrait (which I’m horrible at to begin with…combined with melted glass = bad grade in class!) – all copper. Nick loved it though and I kinda did too!

2. Roccoco inspired enamel ring – brass, copper wire (for cloisonné).

3. Theme: Twins. Process : casting with cuttle fish bones!!  One of the pieces had to be cast and the other one could be either cast or fabricated. I chose 2 locks one on the longer chain was cast.
Lock necklace – sterling and fine silver (for casting). This was my favorite up until the point I melted the enamel and got cracks!  oh well

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Project 4

For our 4th and last project, we had to make a cocktail ring.  We used a flat back stone, silver sheet, silver bezel and silver solder. I gave the ring to my mother.
here’s the ring……
. . .
. . .
. . .
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Project 3

I know I keep saying I’ll get better at this, but I haven’t.  I have lots to catch up on….I left off on project 2 and the semester ended and a new one starts this monday and I have yet to show you projects 3 & 4.

For this project I decided to make something that represented my husband and me.  I chose NY because that’s where he proposed and I also included fireworks because they’re just magical.  The silhouettes are of Nick and myself that we had made at disneyland last year (a favorite pass time) and I simply reduced them, traced them on metal and hand sawed them.  They turned out quite good right?

I used copper and brass and soldered everything together to give it a 3d effect and I used liver of sulfur on the silhouettes to make them darker. 

. . .
. . .
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Project 2

It’s been a while, I know. For my second project I decided to make a birdcage with a cute little birdie in it.  In the process, I figured out that I love cutting out small designs since they just look super cute.  The requirement for this project was to have 2 types of rivets….however, I suck at riveting and it took me 3 tries, but here’s the end product.  We think he’s pretty cute….he’s definitely going on our Christmas tree.



frame and background


bird and his wing


in his cage safe and sound.

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Project 1

How is my class going you wonder? Well, I’ve been waiting a few weeks to get my 1st project back in order to show you the fun things I’ve been making in class.  So far I’ve learned how to cut, anneal, bend and mold metal, patina process, riveting, embellishing surfaces, roller printing on metal, texturing, making jump rings, cleaning and polishing. Lots of fun stuff!

PROJECT 1 : using 6×6 pieces of paper, make 5 models of either a container, wearable art or sculpture.  The trick was we couldn’t cut any piece off!!! We could cut into the paper, but not tear anything off!

Once we did the paper models we had to pick one to translate to metal. I chose a pretty basic and clean box  to put my rings in for when I’m in the kitchen……here’s some pics of the process……



Ta da!!!  Looks good huh?!?!  I even got a 14/15!  I’m in the process of project #2: Make a wearable piece of jewelry with the theme: ELEVATION.
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Finally….My Etsy Shoppe

I know you’ve heard the rumor: I have an Etsy page. Well….it’s finally true! It’s been 3 months and after lots of work, I’ve finally posted my first batch of lovely things. So far it’s only pretty jewels, but there is lots more fun stuff to come such as paper goods, hair accessories and more.

For now you can go to (later this will become my very own site!) or the etsy address which is

Please check it out!

Oh and remember….if you would like I take custom orders!!

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