Pinterest love Wednesday: Feeling blue?

{Blue door: Photo by Anne Gardner seen on Two Tall Blondes (vía Britta)}

It’s not really a secret that I like every color.  No really!!! I don’t have an absolute favorite. But somehow, I really am attracted to blue. I mean, come on….my bridesmaid dresses were navy! It must be special right?! So I leave you with some inspiration for today in some lovely blue hues.  El hecho de que me gustan todos los colores no es un secreto.  De verdad!!! No tengo uno favorito. Pero por alguna razón siempre me atraen los azules.  Hasta escogí el azúl marino para los vestidos de mis damas!! Eso significa algo no?? Bueno, los dejo con inspiración de color azúl.

{Who doesn’t love shiny crystals? A quién no le encantan los cristales brillantes?}

{Photo as seen on Simple Everyday Glamour (vía Amy)}

{LEFT: All J. Crew as seen on Born in Flames (vía Rebecca)/RIGHT: Blues as seen on Atlantic-Pacific (vía Ruth)}

{Antik Batik Bracelets as seen on Polyvore (vía Ariel)}

Have a beautiful Wednesday! Que tengan un bonito miércoles!


~mrs. B


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Pinterest love wednesday: Piercing greens!

{Gorgeous green wall photo by Michael Eastman via Habitually Chic (pinned by me!!)}

Hello! It’s a hot one today, so I’ve been trying to stay cool inside glued to the computer….with the A/C on.  Here are a few of my favorite pinterests for today. Hope you love them! Hola! Esta tan caliente el día de hoy que decidi enfriarme quedandome en casita pegada a la compu…..con el aire prendido.  Aqui les van unos de mis pinterests favoritos del día de hoy.  Espero les encanten!

{Green hues dessert table by Amy Atlas via Wedding Window (pinned by Nicole)}

{Illustration by Nicola Meiring via Things Organized Neatly (pinned by Margie)}

{Photo via Kontor Kontur (pinned by Brie)}

{Tennis greens photo via Matchbook Mag Tumblr (pinned by SMP)}

{Green bike photo via This is Glamorous Blog (pinned by Karina)}


~Mrs. B

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