Pinterest love Wednesday: Feeling blue?

{Blue door: Photo by Anne Gardner seen on Two Tall Blondes (vía Britta)}

It’s not really a secret that I like every color.  No really!!! I don’t have an absolute favorite. But somehow, I really am attracted to blue. I mean, come on….my bridesmaid dresses were navy! It must be special right?! So I leave you with some inspiration for today in some lovely blue hues.  El hecho de que me gustan todos los colores no es un secreto.  De verdad!!! No tengo uno favorito. Pero por alguna razón siempre me atraen los azules.  Hasta escogí el azúl marino para los vestidos de mis damas!! Eso significa algo no?? Bueno, los dejo con inspiración de color azúl.

{Who doesn’t love shiny crystals? A quién no le encantan los cristales brillantes?}

{Photo as seen on Simple Everyday Glamour (vía Amy)}

{LEFT: All J. Crew as seen on Born in Flames (vía Rebecca)/RIGHT: Blues as seen on Atlantic-Pacific (vía Ruth)}

{Antik Batik Bracelets as seen on Polyvore (vía Ariel)}

Have a beautiful Wednesday! Que tengan un bonito miércoles!


~mrs. B


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Have any fun holiday plans?

{Lovely & simple cupcake decoration. Linda y sencilla idea para decorar cupcakes.}

Well, we don’t! Ha! so far we don’t have any set plans for our day tomorrow (as usual). All we know is we’re hitting a museum in the morning (my request) and we’ll be closing the day off with some fireworks (I hope) …. and we’re meeting some friends in between.  I hope you have a wonderful, refreshing and safe day tomorrow. I leave you with some delicious looking treats and cute ideas for a patriotic party from my friend Martha Stewart (ALL images via her website!~ Click on picture to view recipe or instructions). Hasta ahorita no tenemos ningún plan seguro para el día de mañana (como siempre).  Solo sabemos que iremos a un museo por la mañana (mi idea) y cerraremos la noche con cohetes (espero)….y nos veremos con amigos en algun momento.  Espero que tengan un día lindo y refrescante….y se portan bien.  Los dejo con unas delicias y unas ideas super lindas para celebrar de parte de mi amiga Martha Stewart (todas las imágenes son de su página!~ haz click en la foto para ver la receta o las instrucciones).

{Yummy!! Que rico!!}

{Don’t get excited, it’s the instructions for the flag, not the recipe! No se emocionen, son instrucciones para la banderita, no la hamburguesa!)

{Fun parasols for your drink. Lindos parasoles para su bebida!}


{Decorating ice cream cones. Decorando conos de nieve.}

{Pom pom table decorations.  Decorando tu mesa con pompones.}



~Mrs. B


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Happy Weekend ~ fabulous new additions to my blogroll

Here are 9 new wonderful reads that I’ve been obsessed with for a while now and I know soon you will too.  They’re all full of fashion+style, food+entertaining, cities+travel, design, and much much more sweet girly goodness (and some interests for the gents too)…as you well know, ALL my favorite!!  Hope you find some inspiration for your daily life!

{Mimi + Meg}

{Crow and Canary}

{Apartment #34}

{Oh Joy!}

{cupcakes and cashmere}

{hither & thither}

{the city sage}

{A cup of Jo}

{lox papers}

These should be really fun reads this weekend!! Enjoy!!

~Mrs. B

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Afternoon Delight ~ Rue Magazine

Prepare yourself to add this one to your favorite online mags!! This is a pretty new magazine (only 3 issues old) that I’ve recently discovered and absolutely LOVE! I hope you love it too!

{click on image to enter site}


Have a lovely afternoon!


~Mrs. B

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Mini Valentine Making Party

After looking through the february issue of Living and finding the coolest little valentine making party,a couple of my friends and I decided to have our mini version of it at my place (since I have all the card making goods) and copy their dinner and dessert: Pizza sandwiches with arugula & basil salad and peanut butter and jam cookies!!  (their pics are way better than mine…I had loads of crappy lighting! sorry!)

So last thursday night we prepared all the goods for the pizza sandwiches and cookies and enjoyed a lovely dinner with champagne!  My friend Alisia’s engagement happened Wednesday night so the news called for a celebratory beverage…..which in my mind is ALWAYS ALWAYS champagne (or some kind of sparkling wine!).


{CHEERS! Congratulations Alisia & Jon!}

{Isn’t her ring pretty?}

{ready for some peanut butter & raspberry jam cookies?}

{so they’re a little fopped up, but they were pretty delicious!}

{card making gets intense!}

Have yourselves a Happy pre-Valentine’s weekend!


~Mrs. B

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Afternoon delight ~ Love tent!

Hello my dears! I apologize for my disappearance, I’ve been a little crazy… I’m back though and I found this awesome little love tent that I really want to copy!!! I found it on one of my daily blogs (Design Sponge – they always have amazing things!) and I love that they give you step by step instructions on how to make one of your own! Thanks Design Sponge!

Enjoy! (click on the image)

{love it!}


~Mrs. B

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Seriously FREE!!!

Hello there!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Look what I found…..If you’re still in need of a 2011 calendar like I am, here’s a really really cute one for FREE!! What a better way to start the new year!

Thank you to EZ over at Creature Comforts for posting this awesomeness! Click on the picture to find the original post!  ENJOY!!



~Mrs. B

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