Positively Posie

Just a quick one to share my new absolute FAVORITE! It’s PosieTint by Benefit and it gives you the loveliest blushy pink shade on your cheeks. ┬áDon’t be scared of the bright pink color. I promise it’s super natural and as a plus it can be used on your lips too! I love it!

You can find it anywhere they sell Benefit products.



~Mrs. B

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goodbye pumpkins

A couple of weeks ago we decided to go get us some pumpkins to carve. Our friends Emily and Brandon came over and we all made one. They turned out pretty awesome…… Unfortunately they died before we had a chance to show them off. ┬áThe pictures don’t do them justice, but here they are anyway…….
this was my crow ( i don’t have a picture of it lit up because i wasn’t done in time!)
Nick’s howling wolf…..
. . .
Emily’s super cute owl……
. . .
…..and Brandon’s scary JACK!!!!
It was a very fun night and now we know for next year we’ll just carve them a few days before instead of 2 weeks before!!!!
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