Speaking of a break….

It’s been a long one huh?! gosh…time really does fly. Just in case you were curious: we’re safely in our new apartment…not quite finished settling in, but almost.  I hope.  and yes it’s the one with the pink bathroom. I lied before by the way…no pink sink…just all pink tiles.  Thank you to our lovely friends that helped us move. It was a rough one…special thanks to Mr. Eric Duke. You were awesome and we couldn’t have done it without you!! Ha sido una vacación larga no!? de verdad que el tiempo vuela! En caso de que esten de curiosos: ya estamos en nuestro depa nuevo…..no esta arreglado por completo todavía, pero ya casi.  Eso espero. y si es el del baño rosita. Y les heché mentiras….no tiene sink rosa….solo es el azulejo.  Gracias a nuestros amiguitos que nos ayudaron con la mudanza.  Fue super pesada…..en especial gracias al Sr. Eric Duke.  De verdad no la hubieramos hecho sin tu ayuda!! 

Anywhoooooo, we had the pleasure of hosting our first visitors last week…my best friend Alisia and her husband were in NYC for the first time and we had a fantastic time.  They ran us all around town like tourists, but it was so so fun! I had missed her much more than I can explain.  A girl needs her friends you know? I’ve made some here, but I missed still.  And though we didn’t quite get our girly time, I’ll settle for time with her and the boys in tow over not seeing her at all. We went everywhere from central park to battery park and even governor’s island for some jazz age fun. Thanks for visiting, I hope we can see you again soon!  Bueeeeno continuando… La semana pasada tuvimos el placer de hospedar a nuestra primer visita este año….mi mejor amiga Alisia y su esposo estuvieron en NYC por primera vez y nos la pasamos increíble.  Anduvimos como turistas por todos lados pero estuvo super divertido.  La había extrañado mucho más de lo que les puedo explicar.  Uno necesita a las amiguitas o no??  Me hice de nuevas amigas aqui, pero de todas formas la extrañaba mucho.  Y aunque no hubo la oportunidad de tener un tiempito nosotras solitas, me conformo con verla un rato aunque los esposos siempre nos acompañaron.  Fuimos a todas partes desde central park a la punta de Manhattan en battery park y hasta la isla del gobernador a una fiesta con tema de los años 20.  Gracias por visitarnos, esperamos verlos pronto otra vez.

{Having some beers in Central Park. Disfrutando unas cheves en Central Park.}

{Nick made friends at Battery Park. Nico se hizo de un amiguito en Battery Park.}

{On the Met rooftop. En el techo del Museo Metropolitano.}

{Sneaky pics at the Prada/Schiaparelli exhibit. Fotitos secretas de la exhibición Prada/Schiaparelli.}

{Picture of us and the ghost of Jon having snowballs. Foto de nosotros y el fantasma de Jon disfrutando de unos raspados.}

{Jazz age party to finish off their trip.  Y para finalizar su viaje una fiesta con tema de los años 20.}

Have a happy week! Que tengan una bonita semana!


~mrs. B

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a belated thanks…


{a bit blurry, but meet the Currans! un poco borrocitos, pero les presento a los Curran!}

Just wanted to say thanks to our dear friends Daniel & Mercedes for visiting us last month.  I know it’s a little late, but we really appreciated it.  They are the first people (other than our parents of course) that have come to NYC simply to visit us.  We love you and had a blast with you guys! Hope to do it again this year!   Solo quería darles las gracias a nuestros amiguitos Daniel & Mercedes por venirnos a visitar el mes pasado.  Se que es un poquitín tarde, pero de verdad apreciamos la visita.  Ellos son los primeros (aparte de nuestros papás) que nos han visitado desde que nos mudamos a NYC.  Los queremos mucho y nos divertimos muchísmo con ustedes! Esperamos verlos de nuevo este año!

{view from the high line. vista del parque high line.}

{being silly.  chistoseando.}

{models. modelos.}


~mrs. b

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Obsessive Wednesday.

Yesterday morning I discovered this amazing music video for “In Your Arms” by Kina Grannis and just had to share it.  It’s a stop motion video that took 288,000 jelly bellys and almost 2 years to complete! Crazy right?? Watch it and enjoy! I absolutely loved it! Ayer en la mañana me encontré con este video musical increíble de la canción “In Your Arms” de Kina Grannis y lo tenía que compartir. Es un video “stop motion” (no se com se dice en español…jaja) y usaron 288,000 jelly bellys y les tomó casi 2 años para completar! Super padrísimo no?? Me encantó! Veánlo y disfrútenlo!

{Behind the scenes video of the making of “In Your Arms”.  Video de como se hizo el video musical de “In Your Arms”.}

{Discovered/Descubierto vía Creature Comforts}


~mrs. B

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Happy Halloween.

{Sugar skull & “El Güerito” & Annie Hall and Woody Allen – Calavera y “El Güerito” y Annie Hall con Woody Allen}

This was the very first year we didn’t carve pumpkins, but it’s ok because it was also the very first time we dressed up since we’ve been together and we chose to be: a luchador and a day of the dead sugar skull (very low budget!).  Let me just say that Nick is an awesome make up artist! Thanks Dara & Trent for inviting us to the party, we had so much fun!  Este fue el primer halloween que no decoramos calabazas, pero no nos importó tanto porque fue el primero que nos disfrazamos y escogimos: un luchador y una calavera (muy buen precio para la cartera!).  Quiero que sepan que Nick maquilla super bien! Gracias Dara y Trent por invitarnos a la fiesta, la pasamos increíble!

{the baby from “The Hangover”.  el bebé de la película “The Hangover”.}

{Resting and dancing! Descansando y bailando!}

{….and she won’t stop dancing! ….y no para de bailar!}

{El DJ!}

Hope you had a wonderful Halloween! Did you dress up? Espero que hayan disfrutado de un Halloween divertido! Ustedes se disfrazaron?


~mrs. B

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Sooo excited!

{vía: Dguides}

I can’t tell you how excited we are to go to the Bi-Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party this weekend.  We were so bummed when we missed it at the end of June, but not this time!!  We got tickets and will be going with some friends for the second one. I can’t wait! No saben lo emocionados que estamos de ir al Bi-Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party este fin.  Nos perdimos la de junio, pero esta vez no!!! Ya compramos nuestros boletos e iremos con unos amiguitos! Que emociónnnn!!!!

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? Tienen algún plan divertido para este fin?


~Mrs. B


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Paris, Je t’aime #2

Ok, so it took me a while (a very long while) to get the rest of our Paris~NY trip up on flickr….but they’re finally up! Obviously it isn’t all of them, only a few of our favorites! Just looking through them makes me want to go back so so bad.  Click on the image to check out the rest or click HERE!

Notre Dame

{our friend at Notre Dame, Paris 2010}


~Mrs. B



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The celebration continued….

Two years ago we went to Southern Italy on our honeymoon. As you travelers out there know….Sundays in Italy are literally lazy Sundays. Most places don’t open at all and some do, but only half day. It didn’t take us long to figure out that we would be heading to the mall on Sunday because that was the only place open for business!

It ended up being pretty amazing. There was a heineken bar/panini shop where some older Italian men were watching football and drinking beer and so we proceeded to do as the Romans do and joined them! The shop had hotdog & french fry paninis!! Don’t get me wrong….I’m no stranger to hot dog sandwiches. I grew up eating them and LOVE them. However the added goodness of fries in them intrigued us both so we ordered them. They were so tasty!! we couldn’t believe it! I’ve made them once since we got back and yesterday, in honor of our anniversary, I made them again, but with a twist! I added a little truffle oil to the fries and used sourdough bread. And for our greens….chilled green beans with feta cheese, black pepper, salt and lime!! Amazing!

{hot dog/french fry sandwich}

{green beans}

We also enjoyed some Moretti beers and managed to find an Italian game to entertain us while we ate. It was a lovely anniversary lunch!

To continue our celebration we went to Morton’s Steakhouse. We just recently found out that Morton’s has a power hour! What is this might you ask? well it’s happy hour from 4:30-6:30 as well as 9pm-close!!! And it just so happens that our location has food on their happy hour menu as well as drinks. It sounded so appetizing that we decided to go for a late night snack/drink.

We got the iceberg wedge salad (not pictured), the mini prime cheeseburgers, the chicken tenders and the filet mignon sandwiches. Oh they were good! And they make the best dirty martinis (or mortinis as they call them)! We had so much fun! My absolute favorite were the sliders….maybe it’s because they added bacon. Bacon makes everything better!

{extra dirrrty mortinis}

{filet mignon sandwiches}

{chicken goujonettes….or as we know them: crispy chicken tenders}

{mini prime cheeseburgers}


Hope I didn’t make you too hungry!



~Mrs. B

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It’s been 2 years!

Today is our 2 year wedding anniversary!! I can’t even believe it!! I think we still find ourselves saying we just got married.  On our trip last weekend all the sales guys kept calling us honeymooners and one even went as far as saying that it was because I still looked happy.  So I guess that’s a good sign right? And I am! It’s been hard, but it’s been super fun and I’m looking forward to the years to come.

Here’s a little video N made when we were in Southern Italy for our honeymoon. ENJOY!!

The Fiat Express from Crafthouse Productions on Vimeo.

Happy Anniversary monkey! Te amo!



~Mrs. B

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