Signs of a lovely weekend.

{Fresh peaches! Duraznos frescos!}

You know when you have one of those really great weekends that just make you smile?! Well this past weekend was just that.  Filled with friends, fun conversations, lots of walking and lots of yummy food. Hope yours was as great as ours! Saben cuando tienen uno de esos fines de semana tan padres que los hacen sonreir?! Pues este fin fue uno de esos.  Lleno de amigos, conversaciones divertidas,  comida riquísma y aparte caminamos muchísimo.  Espero que ustedes hayan tenido un lindo fin de semana también!

{We started early on Saturday in Central Park cheering on our friend Dara who ran her first 10K.  Empezamos el sábado tempranito en el parque hechándole porras a nuestra amiga Dara que corrió su primera carrera de 10km}

{There she is at the finish line! Yeiiii, la terminó!!!}

{After the race we decided gelato was needed and went to the brand new Amorino where you get your cones in the shape of a flower.  Despues de la carrera decidimos que era necesario un gelato y fuimos a Amorino donde te dan los conos en forma de flor.}

{We eventually wandered over to the West Village. In case you girls don’t recognize it…this is Carrie’s building (from SATC).  Terminamos caminando al West Village y en caso de que no lo recozcan…es el edificio de Carrie (de SATC).}

On sunday we went to the New Amsterdam market with Dara and Trent and it has officially become our new favorite hangout spot before heading to church. They have everything you’d want for a perfect little afternoon at the market: fresh produce, cheese, bread, coffee…need I say more?  El domingo fuimos al New Amsterdam market con Dara y Trent y oficialmente se ha convertido en nuestro nuevo lugar favorito para vernos antes de ir a la iglesia. Tienen todo lo necesario para hacer una tarde en el mercado perfecta: frutas y vegetales frescos, quesos, panes, cafe….necesito decir más?

{Our lunch. We had the gouda grilled cheese.  Nuestro lonche. Nos pedimos el sandwhich de gouda.}

{Can you tell it was delicious!? Se nota que estuvo delicioso no?}

{Tempura station. Estación de tempura.}

{Kombucha….Incredible fermented tea. Kombucha….Té fermentado increíble.}

{They had all sorts of yummy tasters.  Tenían todo tipo de botanitas para probar.}


~Mrs. B

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Mini Valentine Making Party

After looking through the february issue of Living and finding the coolest little valentine making party,a couple of my friends and I decided to have our mini version of it at my place (since I have all the card making goods) and copy their dinner and dessert: Pizza sandwiches with arugula & basil salad and peanut butter and jam cookies!!  (their pics are way better than mine…I had loads of crappy lighting! sorry!)

So last thursday night we prepared all the goods for the pizza sandwiches and cookies and enjoyed a lovely dinner with champagne!  My friend Alisia’s engagement happened Wednesday night so the news called for a celebratory beverage…..which in my mind is ALWAYS ALWAYS champagne (or some kind of sparkling wine!).


{CHEERS! Congratulations Alisia & Jon!}

{Isn’t her ring pretty?}

{ready for some peanut butter & raspberry jam cookies?}

{so they’re a little fopped up, but they were pretty delicious!}

{card making gets intense!}

Have yourselves a Happy pre-Valentine’s weekend!


~Mrs. B

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Happy Halloween!

This weekend we didn’t have any real halloween plans so we carved our pumpkins with Brandon and Emily (for the second year in a row!) and here is what we got to show for our efforts…….

*Emily’s cat*

*Brandon’s pirate (his jaw fell off)*

*Nick’s deer*

*My haunted house…..mwahahaha*

Hope you all had a fun and safe halloween!!



~Mrs. B

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cutest little button nose

So I’d never really celebrated Halloween…..

1. Because it’s an american holiday.
2. My mother didn’t want us to.
…but somehow I absolutely love the idea of playing dress up…..especially when it comes to baby outfits. This is my friend Amanda’s little Brooke. She’ll be 2 months old next week and she’s sporting a halloween tutu made by grandma and a onesie that said “I want my mummy!”.  Isn’t she CUTE!?!?!?! This was also the first time I saw her with her eyes actually open.

Um, do they make these tights in adult sizes??? I want them!!
she’s such a little poser!!


Smiling and sticking her tongue out!!!
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goodbye pumpkins

A couple of weeks ago we decided to go get us some pumpkins to carve. Our friends Emily and Brandon came over and we all made one. They turned out pretty awesome…… Unfortunately they died before we had a chance to show them off.  The pictures don’t do them justice, but here they are anyway…….
this was my crow ( i don’t have a picture of it lit up because i wasn’t done in time!)
Nick’s howling wolf…..
. . .
Emily’s super cute owl……
. . .
…..and Brandon’s scary JACK!!!!
It was a very fun night and now we know for next year we’ll just carve them a few days before instead of 2 weeks before!!!!
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