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Sacre coeur

{Sacre cœur Basilica…the salad place is in this vecinity! Basílica del Sagrado Corazón…el lugar de las ensaladas esta por este rumbo!}

As we were reminiscing this last week about our trip to Paris last year I was reminded of the wonderful salad we had the last day we were there.  Yes, I said salad. I don’t exactly remember what was in our respective salads, but I do remember the delicious garlic roasted potatoes that were on every single salad in the place.  I don’t remember the name of the place and I wouldn’t be able to tell you how to get there.  I would however be able to take you there….I can FOR SURE make my way back once out of the metro!! Anyway, I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I got me some potatoes and got to work.  Now since I don’t remember the actual ingredients I worked with ones available in my fridge. The result was absolutely MAGICAL! I call it Yanessa’s Salade à la Parisienne!! ha!! It turned out so so so good that I’ve made my version of it TWICE in the last week and have decided to share with you as I’m sure you will love it as much as we did. La semana pasada estabamos recordando nuestro viaje a París y me acordé de la ensalada deliciosísima que pedimos la última noche que estuvimos allá. No me acuerdo de los ingredientes, pero me acuerdo que tenía papas asadas con ajo en todas las ensaladas del menú.  Tampoco me acuerdo del nombre del lugar ni de la dirección.  Pero SEGURO si podría encontrar el lugar una vez fuera del metro!!! Bueno, como no podía parar de pensar en esa deliciosa ensalada compré unas papas y a trabajar. Ok como ya les dije no me acordé de los ingredientes así que hice lo que pude con lo que tenía en mi refri. Y resultó en algo espectacular y mágico!! Le puse de nombre: Ensalada Yanessa a la Parisina!!!! jaja!! Salió tan pero tan tan rica que la hice 2 veces en la misma semana y tenía que compartirles.

(side note: I don’t measure anything so …. you’ll have to guess and make it to your liking! notita: yo no mido nada así…. que tendran que adivinar y hacer las cosas a su gusto!)


* Baby arugula mix/lechuga mixta

* Hearts of palm/Palmitos

* Bacon (side note: whoever invented the concept of bacon was a genius…bacon makes everything better!!) Tocino (notita: quien haya inventado el concepto del tocino es un genio….el tocino hace mejor al mundo!!)

* Avocado/Aguacate

* Grated pecorino cheese/Queso pecorino

* Roasted Potatoes..I get the tricolored pack from Trader Joe’s (we’re in love with garlic so I use a lot….mixed with some olive oil, salt and pepper)/ Papas asadas….yo compro el trio que venden en Trader Joe’s (nosotros amamos el ajo asi que use bastante….junto con aceite de oliva, sal y pimienta)


* Olive oil/Aceite de oliva

* Lemon juice (real please…don’t use the bottled stuff, that’s nasty.)/Jugo de limon amarillo (porfa usen el de verdad….no el juguito enbotellado…es malísimo.)

* Salt & pepper/Sal y pimienta

I like to throw the lettuce, cheese, oil, lemon, salt, pepper and hearts of palm in a big bowl and mix. Then I divide it and add the bacon, avocado and potatoes to each plate evenly. As a finishing touch I made some finger sized “croutons”….basically just sliced up some french baguette and toasted it in the oven with a dash of some awesome french mustard we discovered in Paris. A mi me gusta mezclar la lechuga, el queso, aceite, sal, pimienta y los palmitos en una olla grande.  Despues la divido y agrego el tocino, aguacate y las papas a cada plato.  Y para terminar unas rebanaditas de baguette tostado con una mostaza que nos encontramos en París.

{Baguette + fancy mustard = very French! ha! Baguette + mostaza elegante = super francés! ja!}

{Looks good right? Se ve rica no?}

Enjoy!! Provecho, que la disfruten!!


~Mrs. B


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Fave Pinterest Friday!

I’m so glad today is friday…why you may ask?? Because we have dinner plans with some friends. They are cooking for us and I’m salivating just thinking about the delicious burgers we’ll be enjoying thanks to our talented chef Mr. Haack. I’m also looking forward to meeting new friends at this dinner party! Estoy tan contenta que hoy es viernes….por qué, se preguntan?? Porque tenemos planes para cenar con amigos.  Ellos van a cocinar y se me hace agua la boca con solo pensar en las hamburguesas deliciosas que vamos a disfrutar gracias a nuestro chef talentoso el Sr. Haack.  Tambien estoy emocionada de conocer a nuevos amigos en esta cenita.

I leave you with my favorite pinterest picks for today:

Los dejo con mi selección favorita de pinterest del día de hoy:

1. Queen Anne’s Lace Slipper Chair/Pin

2. Cake by Sweet & Saucy/Pin

3. Yellow Tulle Gown/Pin

4. The Owl and the Pussycat by Heather Ross/Pin


Have yourselves a very sunny weekend…even if it is just in your mind!

Que tengan un fin de semana soleadito….aunque solo sea en sus mentes!


~Mrs. B

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Happy Weekend ~ fabulous new additions to my blogroll

Here are 9 new wonderful reads that I’ve been obsessed with for a while now and I know soon you will too.  They’re all full of fashion+style, food+entertaining, cities+travel, design, and much much more sweet girly goodness (and some interests for the gents too)…as you well know, ALL my favorite!!  Hope you find some inspiration for your daily life!

{Mimi + Meg}

{Crow and Canary}

{Apartment #34}

{Oh Joy!}

{cupcakes and cashmere}

{hither & thither}

{the city sage}

{A cup of Jo}

{lox papers}

These should be really fun reads this weekend!! Enjoy!!

~Mrs. B

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Mini Valentine Making Party

After looking through the february issue of Living and finding the coolest little valentine making party,a couple of my friends and I decided to have our mini version of it at my place (since I have all the card making goods) and copy their dinner and dessert: Pizza sandwiches with arugula & basil salad and peanut butter and jam cookies!!  (their pics are way better than mine…I had loads of crappy lighting! sorry!)

So last thursday night we prepared all the goods for the pizza sandwiches and cookies and enjoyed a lovely dinner with champagne!  My friend Alisia’s engagement happened Wednesday night so the news called for a celebratory beverage…..which in my mind is ALWAYS ALWAYS champagne (or some kind of sparkling wine!).


{CHEERS! Congratulations Alisia & Jon!}

{Isn’t her ring pretty?}

{ready for some peanut butter & raspberry jam cookies?}

{so they’re a little fopped up, but they were pretty delicious!}

{card making gets intense!}

Have yourselves a Happy pre-Valentine’s weekend!


~Mrs. B

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The celebration continued….

Two years ago we went to Southern Italy on our honeymoon. As you travelers out there know….Sundays in Italy are literally lazy Sundays. Most places don’t open at all and some do, but only half day. It didn’t take us long to figure out that we would be heading to the mall on Sunday because that was the only place open for business!

It ended up being pretty amazing. There was a heineken bar/panini shop where some older Italian men were watching football and drinking beer and so we proceeded to do as the Romans do and joined them! The shop had hotdog & french fry paninis!! Don’t get me wrong….I’m no stranger to hot dog sandwiches. I grew up eating them and LOVE them. However the added goodness of fries in them intrigued us both so we ordered them. They were so tasty!! we couldn’t believe it! I’ve made them once since we got back and yesterday, in honor of our anniversary, I made them again, but with a twist! I added a little truffle oil to the fries and used sourdough bread. And for our greens….chilled green beans with feta cheese, black pepper, salt and lime!! Amazing!

{hot dog/french fry sandwich}

{green beans}

We also enjoyed some Moretti beers and managed to find an Italian game to entertain us while we ate. It was a lovely anniversary lunch!

To continue our celebration we went to Morton’s Steakhouse. We just recently found out that Morton’s has a power hour! What is this might you ask? well it’s happy hour from 4:30-6:30 as well as 9pm-close!!! And it just so happens that our location has food on their happy hour menu as well as drinks. It sounded so appetizing that we decided to go for a late night snack/drink.

We got the iceberg wedge salad (not pictured), the mini prime cheeseburgers, the chicken tenders and the filet mignon sandwiches. Oh they were good! And they make the best dirty martinis (or mortinis as they call them)! We had so much fun! My absolute favorite were the sliders….maybe it’s because they added bacon. Bacon makes everything better!

{extra dirrrty mortinis}

{filet mignon sandwiches}

{chicken goujonettes….or as we know them: crispy chicken tenders}

{mini prime cheeseburgers}


Hope I didn’t make you too hungry!



~Mrs. B

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Dinner and sneak peek….

Tonight I outdid myself with dinner.  Again I used my pasta machine only this time I made spinach pasta and for the first time ever I made pesto sauce.  And you know what? It was AMAZING! I added veggies because for some reason we’ve been skipping lately so I needed to add them!



On another subject I’ve been working on several new things…..hope you like them.  I’m hoping they’ll be up on Etsy this weekend.

{gold bows}


{love knot earrings}



~Mrs. B


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Homemade pasta SUCCESS!!

So N’s grammy asks us for a Christmas list every year and I’ve never done that so it’s a task for me. This year the only thing I had on it was a pasta maker from William-Sonoma (A friend recommended it….he did all the research for me!). And guess what?! I GOT IT!!

It’s so pretty, and last wednesday I decided to pull it out of the box and use it.  I’d heard it was really easy to make pasta so when I’d been there for more than an hour I figured those people were full of it.  When Nick got home we looked up a video and realized I’d been doing it wrong…mainly  because my setting was wrong. DUH! I had a mini fit with tears and all and managed to save half of the dough.  In the end I had a delicious meal and I will say it’s pretty easy to make. I’ll share the basic recipe that came in my little pamphlet…but a little simplified.

You only need 2 ingredients: Eggs & Flour!

You’ll need 3 Eggs and 2 1/4 cups of unbleached flour.

You mix them until they come together to a doughy consistency…not too wet, not too dry (IF it’s too dry add a little more flour one tablespoon at a time and the same with water!).  I used my trusty kitchen aid mixer and that saves some time and effort!  Then you knead the dough by hand for about 2 or 3 minutes, wrap it in plastic and let it rest for about 20 min.

The next step kinda screwed me up.  My directions said to split the dough in 2…..you should do it in about 4 pieces. It’s much easier! Then you run the dough through your machine starting with the widest setting going up to the thickness you need (depends on the type of pasta you’re making) . I don’t really know why, but the instructions say to run it through this setting about 10 times (I don’t know if you can skip these or not, but I did it just in case). Every time you run it thru you fold it in 3 (lengthwise) and run it through again (make sure you start with one of the open sides first).

Once you do the 10 times you run it once on every setting until you reach your desired thickness. This is how you get your pasta sheets.

I cut my pasta sheets in half so they’d be easier to work with.  You have to let them rest about 10 or 15 min before you cut them so you place them on a parchment paper covered cookie sheet.  I sprinkled some semolina flour on the sheets and then layered more parchment and pasta sheets on top (you do this with all your sheets).

After the 10 or 15 min you’re ready to cut!  Run your sheets through your desired attachment and VOILA! You have homemade pasta!

All you do now is cook it (which only takes about 2 or 3 minutes because it’s fresh pasta) and you’re done! I made an Alfredo sauce, steamed some broccoli and zucchini to toss with it and had some delicious sourdough garlic bread finish the meal!! I don’t want to brag but it was pretty delicious.

I can’t wait to get the ravioli attachment!!!


~Mrs. B

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Lamb Burger Success

I’ve been wanting to make lamb burgers for a while now and today….I did.  Lamb is something else we’re slightly obsessed with, so I had to at least try to make them!!!

I got the lamb at costco, cleaned it and froze it (it grinds better when frozen….yes I did it myself with my trusty Kitchen Aid attachment!).  I looked for a recipe on line and found this one (minus the relish) and made it our own by adding some oregano and a splash of olive oil.

We also added some feta cheese while grilling (I have my very own professional grill master….his name is husband), made some caramelized onions (for Nick), added some spinach and a little yogurt sauce.  I served it on a slice of Gilroy garlic sourdough bread and with a side of this amazing orzo salad from Real Simple.

Oh yeah…and I don’t like tomatoes, but Nick does so for him I made a kabob of miniature tomatoes with some olive oil, salt, pepper and a lil’ bit of lemon juice. He said they were pretty awesome!!!

Oh my goodnesssss!!!! You don’t even know how delicious it was!! You must try it!

P.S. ~ My  yogurt sauce is something I make for lots of things. I use non fat plain yogurt, salt, pepper and garlic (all to taste).  For this version I also added some fresh dill.




~Mrs. B

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