Advanced class

Well…I took the advanced jewelry class in the spring and it was a huge FAIL! Don’t get me wrong I got a B…but all we did was enameling and frankly I don’t care for it. I love how it looks, but I don’t care to create it. It’s a hard process and I’m a VERY clumsy person so that led to lots of disasters.

I’ll share some pics of my projects anyways….

1. Self portrait (which I’m horrible at to begin with…combined with melted glass = bad grade in class!) – all copper. Nick loved it though and I kinda did too!

2. Roccoco inspired enamel ring Рbrass, copper wire (for cloisonn̩).

3. Theme: Twins. Process : casting with cuttle fish bones!!  One of the pieces had to be cast and the other one could be either cast or fabricated. I chose 2 locks one on the longer chain was cast.
Lock necklace – sterling and fine silver (for casting). This was my favorite up until the point I melted the enamel and got cracks!  oh well

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