A Friday with Mr. McQueen

Last friday we finally had the chance to make our way to The Met and check out the fabulous Savage Beauty exhibit.  It was crazy inside, but super fun! I think it helps people see that high fashion is not really clothing, but a form of art.  I snuck some pictures with my phone….for some unknown reason they don’t let you use your camera (even with no flash).  If you’re in the city before it closes I highly recommend it. If you can’t make it, check out the New Yorker’s slide show.  El viernes pasado finalmente tuvimos la oportunidad de ir al Museo Metropolitano y ver la exhibición fabulosa Savage Beauty.  Estaba de locos adentro, pero super divertido!  Creo que ayuda a que la gente vea la alta costura como arte y no solo como ropa.  No se como pero alcanzé a tomar unas fotillos a escondidas porque no te dejan tomar fotos….aunque no uses flash. Les recomiendo ir a visitar si andan por aca antes de que se termine.  Si no pueden, vean las fotos del New Yorker.

{This was one of my favorites, it’s made out of wood.  Este es uno de mis favoritos, esta hecho de madera.}

{My friend says this will be her wedding vow renewal dress.  Mi amiga dice que este será su vestido para su renovación de votos.}

{Does anyone else thinks this looks like C3PO?? I think he was the inspiration. A alguien más le recuerda a C3PO?? Creo que el fue la inspiración.}

{Gorgeous view from the Roof Garden at the Met.  Vista hermosa desde el “Jardín del techo” del museo.}

{Anthony Caro exhibition on the Roof Garden.  Exposición de Anthony Caro en el “Jardín del techo”.}


~Mrs. B

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Wishing, hoping, thinking and praying

As of this week our future move has become more official/real: we’ve given our 30 day notice that we’re moving out. So, God willing, we’ll be gone in slightly less than a month. I’m nervous, happy, sad, scared and excited all at the same time. Basically I’m a complete emotional mess. Over the last month I’ve been daydreaming of what our new place will be like, and in hopes of finding ideas I’ve been hunting online for cool room pictures and home ideas….. and of course only manage to find spaces I can only dream of having. Every now and then I find some things and spaces that may be possible…..here’s some of my favorites today.

{via: loving.living.small….this is actually her house}

I love some of her accents like the side table and lamp and her bookshelves. She also has good ideas for small spaces, so I check her blog often.

{design*sponge before and after makeovers}

I love this little corner!

{sneak peek: kimberly + john canale via: design*sponge}

I often love their sneak peeks into peoples homes and I especially love this one! I love all of it!!

{via: SNOOP, Amanda personally styled this house}

I love every room in this house!


We can all dream right?


~Mrs. B


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Happy Weekend ~ fabulous new additions to my blogroll

Here are 9 new wonderful reads that I’ve been obsessed with for a while now and I know soon you will too.  They’re all full of fashion+style, food+entertaining, cities+travel, design, and much much more sweet girly goodness (and some interests for the gents too)…as you well know, ALL my favorite!!  Hope you find some inspiration for your daily life!

{Mimi + Meg}

{Crow and Canary}

{Apartment #34}

{Oh Joy!}

{cupcakes and cashmere}

{hither & thither}

{the city sage}

{A cup of Jo}

{lox papers}

These should be really fun reads this weekend!! Enjoy!!

~Mrs. B

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