I’m part of a giveaway: RikRak Studio

{RikRak Studio giveaway}

Hello there! Hope you had a nice holiday weekend!! I worked and did housework … yeah, I’m cool like that!  I have good news though!! I’m participating in a giveaway at The RikRak Studio.  Go check it out, wish her a happy birthday and participate why don’t cha! You might even win something pretty!  The rules are on her post! Hola!! Como les fue el fin de semana largo!? Yo trabajé en el trabajo y en la casa… si so super cool! Pero les tengo buenas noticias!!! Estoy participando en una rifa con RikRak Studio.  Vayan a su página, deseenle un muy feliz cumpleaños y participen no? Quien quite y se ganen algo bonito! Las reglas están en su página!


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Hot child in the city!

{Delicious lunch with friend at The Green Table @ Chelsea Market. Una comidita deliciosa con  una amiga en The Green Table @ Chelsea Market.}

What, you may ask, did we do this past week?? Why staying in and keeping cool of course!! It was horrific last week. Those of you that know me KNOW I can’t handle the heat…so I didn’t really leave the house unless needed: interview, grocery shopping, Harry Potter and of course a little morning shoe shopping on friday with a friend.  Oh yes…and we did manage to get in a couple of delectable meals since I’ve been avoiding a lot of cooking because it heats up the apartment. Se estarán preguntando que hicimos la semana pasada…..pues NADA más que quedarnos en casita tratando de evitar este calorooon!  Ha estado horrible.  Los que me conocen SABEN que no soporto la calorrr…así que no salí de la casa salvo para unas cuantas cosas necesarias: entrevista, comprar comida, Harry Potter, y  claro de compras tempranito el viernes con una amiga.  Ah si….y también logramos disfrutar de unos platillos deliciosos porque no he cocinado tanto porque se super calienta el depa.

{Pre-dinner drinks: “Salty Dogs”…our new refreshing favorite! Bebidas pre-cena: “Perros Salados”….nuestra nueva bebida favorita!}

Saturday I FINALLY took the hubs out for a waaaayyyy belated birthday dinner.  And by belated I mean 4 months!!!! I’m a bad wife right?? But I totally made up for it by taking him to the Spotted Pig. We’d been there for an afternoon drink with some friends and were salivating just from the smells so we HAD to go there! It did not disappoint! El sábado pasado, aunque un poco tarde, FINALMENTE lleve a mi esposito a cenar de su cumpleaños. Y por un poco tarde me refiero a 4 meses tarde!!! Super mala esposa no?? Pero me perdonó porque fuimos a “The Spotted Pig“. La última vez que fuímos fue con amigos y solo por tragos y se nos hacía agua la boca con el puro olor de la comida así que tuvimos que regresar a comer!  Y no nos decepcionó!

{With the “birthday boy”! Con el “cumpleañero”!)

{His & Hers drinks. Bebidas El y Ella.}

{I guess I was hungry. Creo que tenía hambre.}

{And for dessert…… – Y de postre……}

{Coconut donuts from the Donut Pub.  Donas de coco del Donut Pub.}


And P.S…..this was the highlight of our week. We got a package with this in it! You don’t understand…we can’t find these over here anywhere!!! Y P.D……esto fue lo mejor de la semana. Recibimos una caja con esto adentro!! No saben…no podemos encontrarlos en ningún lugar por acá!!!

{Thanks mama B! Gracias mamá B!}



~Mrs. B


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Birthday fun part 2

…..And the birthday extravaganza continues….I still have one more birthday dinner to attend and a lunch so it will officially be 3 weeks celebrating!! yayyy!!!  This last week was full of birthday fun….

Sunday brunch with my parents and brother….

On tuesday we drove out to Temecula for my birthday present: a hot air balloon ride and 2 nights stay at South Coast Winery (plus some wine tasting!).

We had to be at the balloon place at 6am!! YIKES!!! that was way too early for a birthday present, but it was so beautiful and fun that it was totally worth it.

sometime around 5:30am before getting some coffee to wake up

After our ride, they had some breakfast and mimosas waiting for us….plus a birthday cake for me and the other guy (Jason) that was celebrating his birthday as well.

After a lovely nap we went to lunch and some wine tasting and played with horses.  Dinner consisted of awesome hotdogs! haha and we ended the night with some jacuzzi time!!

yup…gut bomb

It was the best birthday gift so far! Thanks babies I love you!



~Mrs. B

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Birthday fun, part 1

So to start the celebration we decided to go to disneyland on wednesday not just because it was my birthday, but also because it was the last day to use our annual passes and we won’t be renewing so we did an entire day at the happiest place on earth. It turned out to be the most awesome day for lots of reasons…. (btw…this is a long post, but don’t be scared…..it’s mostly pictures!)

1. Everyone says happy birthday to you. It feels pretty good.

2. It was supposed to rain all day long and then it turned out to be a lovely brisk fall day.

3. The promise of rain scared lots of people off so the wait lines weren’t more than 20 minutes. Sad part though…Toy story ride was closed, but its ok because…..

4. I got a picture with the princesses. My very first one ever!

5. The old time piano player man played happy birthday and Alice and her guest sang it andddd then the mad hatter sang a very merry unbirthday to me as well….cause he hates the birthday song!!

Happy Birthday Yanessa from Yanessa Bowser on Vimeo.

6. We got a picture with Woody and Jesse. And we got to play with baby goats.

. . .

7. We finally were able to see the World of Color show.


world of color preview from Yanessa Bowser on Vimeo.

Here’s some more fun pictures of the day…….

walking through a bug’s land

walking through a bug’s land

tower or terror

look, there’s a ghost! haha

after captain EO

space mountain

classic disneyland

just outside the little farm (behind thunder mountain)

together outside the farm

man who stares at goats

this is what we’re hoping our carved pumpkins will look like this year

nico and his friends

turkey leg

hidden camera

california screamin’

It was a pretty amazingly fun day and the fun doesn’t stop there. Next week it will continue with our stay at South Coast Winery and a hot air balloon ride. My hubs is pretty awesome! I can’t WAIT!!


~Mrs. B

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Happy birthday Mama!

Today is my mother’s birthday! Feliz Cumpleaños MA!!! We celebrated yesterday by going down for dinner (which her friend invited her to and we just kind of invited ourselves….) and ended up having a lovely meal and surprise run-in with some of our really good friends.

Our adventure started with us (N, my dad, my brother and myself) walking across the border and my mom picked us up.  We went to dinner with close family friends to Chans and it was pretty delicious.

Then, Maricarmen (my mom’s friend) mentioned that her daughters had decorated her house for her grand-daughter’s quinceañera (15th bday party) and insisted that we come see. So we ended our night crashing a quinceañera and hanging out for a little bit with our good friends Fer and her husband.

We got dropped off at the border, walked back across and drove back up here getting us home around midnight….all in all quite a fun night. (~extra treat ~ I ended up bringing some mexican candy from the party home with me….yay for me!!) Happy Birthday Mama Elisheva…..Te queremos mucho!!!
~Mrs. B
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busy weekend….

For such a “laid back” weekend….it was quite full of things to do and places to be….

Friday was my dad’s birthday so we drove down to SD and it took us 3 hours because there was CRAZY TRAFFIC!!  We had a lovely dinner at Il Fornaio in Coronado and idiot that I am I didn’t take any pictures. I’m super bummed.  I really used to be much better at taking photos of everything….I MUST get back into that!

I kind of made up on Saturday by using both my phone and my Instax camera at Brooke’s first birthday party.  My friend Amanda and her mom totally outdid themselves with a “Madeline” theme party.  It was so so cute; and miss Brooke Bella looked adorable in her red tutu and navy blue high tops! My mom came up for the party so it was nice to spend a little bit of time with her.

……..While I was at the kiddie party Mr. B was filming a traditional Greek wedding in Santa Barbara which according to his stories was a super fun wedding and we might have some new friends for when we move to NYC.  Yes…we’re seriously, seriously thinking about this move now. He’s doing most of the researching and our parents really aren’t super ecstatic, but we’ve been praying about it since we got married and this is the one city that has remained on our list.  México (our other option) will be put on the back burner for now since we’ve decided it’s a little mellow for our life right now and we want to experience a fun city at least for a little bit.

Last week I decided it was finally time to paint my red walls back to the original white that the rest of the apartment has.  I didn’t take any before pics but they were the color of the bar stool I posted. Yes. very bright.  It’s been more than 2 years since they’ve been red and I’m over them so I started yesterday with the primer (I’m hoping to get the actual paint from my apt. manager so I don’t have to buy it). Here’s the first coat….you can still see the red in the background.

~Mrs. B
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Lovely Birthday Gifts

Sorry, I know I’ve been away for a while…..I had been working on both of my momma’s birthday gifts.  Both of their birthdays are in September so back in May I had this great idea to make them stationary since I knew they would both love it. Okay it isn’t stationary, it’s a box with cards for all different occasions.  The problem is I started them too late and it took me longer than I’d thought.  Luckily for me we celebrated late with both of them. I made 2 of each card (one for each of them) and made a different envelope liner for each one.  I also included a micron pen as well as seals stamped with their first initial. They were pretty much awesome! Here are a couple of pictures of my favorite ones…..

They both loved their gift so much that they don’t want to give any away and want to keep all the cards.
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