Afternoon Delight: Bright. Yellow. Park.

{View from the park. Vista del parque.}

The other night we took a stroll through High Line Park and found ourselves surrounded by these wonderful colors we totally fell in love with. Cute right? This is such a fun park!!! I can’t wait until they open the second part of it! La otra noche fuimos a caminar al parque High Line y nos encontramos rodeados de colores padrísimos que nos fascinaron.  Bonitos no? Ya quiero que abran la segunda parte del parque!

{Wouldn’t you love to eat lunch here? No te encantaría comer aquí?}

{Lounge chairs & hubs. Sillas para recostarte y disfrutar el solecito & esposito.}

{lonely tulip. tulipan solitario.}


~Mrs. B

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Afternoon Delight ~ Rue Magazine

Prepare yourself to add this one to your favorite online mags!! This is a pretty new magazine (only 3 issues old) that I’ve recently discovered and absolutely LOVE! I hope you love it too!

{click on image to enter site}


Have a lovely afternoon!


~Mrs. B

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Afternoon delight ~ Love tent!

Hello my dears! I apologize for my disappearance, I’ve been a little crazy… I’m back though and I found this awesome little love tent that I really want to copy!!! I found it on one of my daily blogs (Design Sponge – they always have amazing things!) and I love that they give you step by step instructions on how to make one of your own! Thanks Design Sponge!

Enjoy! (click on the image)

{love it!}


~Mrs. B

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Afternoon Delight ~ Recycling Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I always feel guilty about getting rid of my Christmas cards and throwing all that Christmas paper away. Well…..look what I found on Martha Stewart!!!!! Really cute ideas on what to do with leftover wrapping paper and your Christmas cards…they are so clever over at Martha.

ENJOY!!! (click on the pics)


Recycled Christmas card crafts


Left-over Christmas wrap ideas

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Saturday: Afternoon Delight ~ Coconut Macaroons

Nico and I are obsessed with coconut. Anything coconut. So I’ve been testing some recipes for coconut macaroons.  I tried this recipe a couple of times in the last month. They’re amazing and pretty easy to make.  The first time I dipped them in the chocolate and it’s wayyyy too much for me (Nico thought they were great!) so the second time I just drizzled it over the top and it was much better.  I think I still favor the plain though.

This afternoon I tried a recipe from Marcela Valladolid’s book. It’s a lot more simple and faster than the other one and it’s better for you (less sugar) AND they taste deeelicious! So much so that I thought I’d share it with you:

1/2 cup of condensed milk (I tried the non fat one and it tastes just as good as the regular one!)

1 package of coconut (14 oz)

Preheat your oven to 350°

Spray tray or pan with cooking oil (don’t forget this otherwise you’ll have trouble taking them off like I did).  Marcela’s recipe calls for you to use a pan because in México they’re traditionally found as little squares. I really like how the little mounds look so I did that instead, but it’s up to you. Also I always line my trays with foil or parchment paper for easy cleanup.

Mix coconut and condensed milk and scoop into small mounds (if they’re too large they kind of break apart…because you don’t use the egg whites to “glue” everything together)

Bake for 20 min or until they get golden/crispy. I like them really crispy!!

Chocolate – optional. My favorite is Ghirardelli Bittersweet 60% Cacao. Follow instructions on bag. I used a spoon to drizzle on top.

Here they are!!!




~Mrs. B

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Friday: Afternoon Delight

Ok….so it’s a few days overdue…but I was feeling a bit under the weather the last couple of days.

Mr. B is at man night so I got to have a delightful afternoon all by myself! Don’t get me wrong I love to hang out with him, but sometimes a girl just needs some girly alone time.

Today I got to try on makeup at the mac counter (i got a couple of things but I can’t get them until wed….i pre-shopped), went to get my nails done (toes are minty green and hands are red…though you can’t really appreciate them in these pics)…….

and now…..since I didn’t have to make any kind of dinner…. I decided to get some take out and I’m having this delicious thai feast while watching SATC.  ULTIMATE girly afternoon right?

I absolutely LOVE thai tea…..Nick hates it and thinks I’m crazy because he says it tastes like cigarette butts. I wonder if I can purchase the stuff to make it at home. I really really love it. Sometimes I actually crave it!
BTW….I can’t wait til we move to NYC and I can order take out and just wait for it in the comfort of my own home! I also won’t have to wait 30 min for it.

Oh, also while on Bergdorf’s page I found these lovelies by a couple of my favorite designers……

Chloe hobo
Christian Louboutin pump
Loeffler Randall boot
Christian Louboutin bootie
Needless to say I want them all…….
Buenas noches!!
~Mrs. B
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