Project 1

How is my class going you wonder? Well, I’ve been waiting a few weeks to get my 1st project back in order to show you the fun things I’ve been making in class.  So far I’ve learned how to cut, anneal, bend and mold metal, patina process, riveting, embellishing surfaces, roller printing on metal, texturing, making jump rings, cleaning and polishing. Lots of fun stuff!

PROJECT 1 : using 6×6 pieces of paper, make 5 models of either a container, wearable art or sculpture.  The trick was we couldn’t cut any piece off!!! We could cut into the paper, but not tear anything off!

Once we did the paper models we had to pick one to translate to metal. I chose a pretty basic and clean box  to put my rings in for when I’m in the kitchen……here’s some pics of the process……



Ta da!!!  Looks good huh?!?!  I even got a 14/15!  I’m in the process of project #2: Make a wearable piece of jewelry with the theme: ELEVATION.
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Finally….My Etsy Shoppe

I know you’ve heard the rumor: I have an Etsy page. Well….it’s finally true! It’s been 3 months and after lots of work, I’ve finally posted my first batch of lovely things. So far it’s only pretty jewels, but there is lots more fun stuff to come such as paper goods, hair accessories and more.

For now you can go to (later this will become my very own site!) or the etsy address which is

Please check it out!

Oh and remember….if you would like I take custom orders!!

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Lovely Birthday Gifts

Sorry, I know I’ve been away for a while…..I had been working on both of my momma’s birthday gifts.  Both of their birthdays are in September so back in May I had this great idea to make them stationary since I knew they would both love it. Okay it isn’t stationary, it’s a box with cards for all different occasions.  The problem is I started them too late and it took me longer than I’d thought.  Luckily for me we celebrated late with both of them. I made 2 of each card (one for each of them) and made a different envelope liner for each one.  I also included a micron pen as well as seals stamped with their first initial. They were pretty much awesome! Here are a couple of pictures of my favorite ones…..

They both loved their gift so much that they don’t want to give any away and want to keep all the cards.
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I’m a student again…..weird!


So I’ve really been wanting to learn the patina process as well as to solder silver and I get to learn both sometime this semester!!!!!! YAY!!!!  I’m officially a student again which is kind of weird, but I’m really excited. Miraculously I somehow got into the jewelry class at OCC even though it was completely packed and I will be learning quite a few things.  I  can’t wait to share my progress.

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hello, my name is……

Hello there, I’m Yanessa.

I’ve been meaning to start a blog to share all my adventures in crafting, photography, cooking, travel, family and other crazy projects or stories…..and after 2 months of a blank blog page I figured today was as good a day as any to finally start. So here goes.

note: I’m really bad at keeping up with any kind of journal or diary, but I will try my best to keep it up to date. 


After reading my friend’s blog I decided I needed a list of my own to keep track of my projects. So far it consists of 2 things: 


1. starting my etsy page
2. another list. One with all the birthdays or weddings I need to make cards or presents for.
I’m sure there’s more, but that’s all I can come up with at the moment. Thanks for the idea Lisa!
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