Le weekend and until we meet again!


My heart is saddened as I write this. Last night we said farewell to some of our dearest friends.  They hit us about a month ago with the news that they were moving out of the city for work reasons….and while all of us (including them) understand that they have to be responsible and grown up about it, it SUCKS! They are the people we hang out with the most and it’s going to be lonely without them.  We love you and we will miss you terribly!

Estoy super triste! Anoche nos despedimos de unos de nuestros mejores amigos. Nos aventaron la bomba de que se mudaban hace como un mes por razones de trabajo….y pues aunque entendemos que tienen que ser adultos responsables, no queremos que se vayan!!! Son los amigos con los que nos juntamos todo el tiempo y no va a ser lo mismo sin ellos.  Los queremos y los extrañaremos muchísimo!

On other news I have quite a few projects to work on this weekend so hopefully that will keep me somewhat busy.  Hope you have a lovely weekend….I’ll be hanging out with these guys!

Cambiando de tema tengo varios proyectos planeados para este fin y espero que me mantengan ocupada. Espero que tengan un buen fin de semana!



~mrs. b

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