Afternoon Delight: Bright. Yellow. Park.

{View from the park. Vista del parque.}

The other night we took a stroll through High Line Park and found ourselves surrounded by these wonderful colors we totally fell in love with. Cute right? This is such a fun park!!! I can’t wait until they open the second part of it! La otra noche fuimos a caminar al parque High Line y nos encontramos rodeados de colores padrísimos que nos fascinaron.  Bonitos no? Ya quiero que abran la segunda parte del parque!

{Wouldn’t you love to eat lunch here? No te encantaría comer aquí?}

{Lounge chairs & hubs. Sillas para recostarte y disfrutar el solecito & esposito.}

{lonely tulip. tulipan solitario.}


~Mrs. B

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