Awkward and awesome thursday!


* A dirty, bearded, drunk man offering us a joint in the parking lot of a liquors store in Arkansas.  He said it would make our road trip better. WHaaaaaT?!? hahaha. Un viejito, barbón y borracho nos ofreció mota en el estacionamiento de una licorería en Akansas. Nos dijo que haría nuestro viaje más padre. QUeeeeeÉ? jajaja

* Albuquerque, NM. Nothing more to say. Albuquerque, NM. No tengo nada más que decir.

* A crazy real estate broker barking orders at his two assistants while we were sitting in front of him (discussing apartments). What do you do when that happens? I was so embarrased for the guys. I wanted to leave. SOooooo uncomfortable!! El agente con el que estabamos hablando sobre departamentos les gritaba ordenes a sus dos asistentes enfrente de nosotros. Que se hace cuando eso pasa!? Me dieron tanta lástima los pobres.  Me quería ir!! Super super incómodo ese momento.

* Sooo, we’re looking for apartments and meeting with at least 5 people a day viewing 2-4 apartments with each one. Wellll, today we accidentally saw the same place TWICE!!!! hahaha….not just that it was back to back! We couldn’t believe it. We didn’t have the heart to tell the second person that we had just seen it because he’d been downtown. Soo we just walked around AGAIN and pretended it was the first time and told him it wouldn’t work for us. He’s showing us more places tomorrow. Ok, andamos buscando departamentos y viendonos con al menos 5 agentes al día y viendo de 2-4 lugares por agente.  Puessss, hoy accidentalmente fuimos a ver uno DOS VECES!!! jajaja…..una tras otra!!! No lo podíamos creer. Como vino desde un poquito lejos, no tuvimos el corazón para decirle al cuate que lo acababamos de ver. Asi que lo vimos por segunda vez y le hicimos al loco mientras el esperaba.  Nos va a enseñar otros dos mañana.


* Finally got out of OC. Finalmente nos salimos de OC.

* Aaaannd….. We’re in NY! YYYYyyy….Estamos en NY!

* A banana playing the stand up base and a skunk with a pink scarf playing the xylophone in the subway. They were playing cartoon songs.  Un plátano tocando el bajo y un zorrillo con bufanda rosa tocando el xilófono en el metro. Estaban tocando canciones de caricaturas.

* My awesome husband making me laugh all day long through this tough apartment hunting process.  He’s so cute! My esposito increíble haciendome reír todo el día durante este largo proceso de encontrar departamento. Es tan lindo!!

Hope you had an awesome thursday! Espero que hayan tenido un jueves increíble!


~Mrs. B


  1. Hey! Finding an apartment is THE WORST> There’s a good agency thing right across the street that has helped TWO of my friends find places in my neighborhood. It’s Upper East Side. I don’t know where you’re trying to live. But it’s City & Suburban and I can’t find a decent website link to send you, but the office seems busy and they really did fix up 2 friends who both moved here from far away. It’s 511 East 78th Street.

    1. Hi Julie! thanks for the info, that should be helpful! We are looking up there….I’ll let you know how it goes!

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