What would you wear to the Oscars?

My day didn’t have the best start today….I only slept 4 hours and when I went to get gas this morning I totally spilled it down my leg and onto my shoes and also managed to splash my shirt.  Thankfully my leather jacket was gasoline free and I wasn’t wearing any fancy/super pretty shoes…just my Minnetonkas, but I reeked of gasoline!!! I had to go back home and shower all over again and scrub the smell off…it was kind of a nightmare. My day got better though…my lovely friend Annie bought me lunch and I got some pretty new stones at the gem faire that I can’t wait to play with!

{quartz in a lovely mint green & garnet}

Now I have dinner with friends in DTLA that I ‘m really looking forward to and hopefully a busy/productive work-filled weekend that will end with me watching the Oscars and eating some popcorn. I can’t wait!!  In preparation for this event I went pretend shopping at Bergdorf’s and…I found my top 3 picks for gowns I’d love to wear if I was actually attending…yes, yes…I’m daydreaming again!

{My absolute favorite: Zac Posen}

{Carmen Marc Valvo}

{Jason Wu: I just LOVE this color!}

What would you wear?  Have a lovely weekend!


~Mrs. B



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