Final Casting Project…

Well a week before Christmas was my last week of school and my final project was due.  It was a lot of work, but I managed to finish it and I love it!! I learned how to set the little stones and I’m very excited to use those in the future.  I think I may get an A in the class and that makes me really happy!!!

Theme: our profession. Since I don’t really work at the moment other than on my etsy shoppe I said my profession is: artist/jeweler/homemaker-housewife.

I made everything including the chain. The flower ring is removable so I can wear it on my finger and it represents the homemaker part. It’s a peony.

The palette…well a little obvious no?  and the balls are silver beads that I cast (originally 3 but didn’t work out); they represent the jeweler part.

Some before pics…..

Finished necklace….

I’m probably going to take it apart and just use the ring as a ring and re-position the beads on the necklace so I can actually wear it.  Otherwise it looks too artsy/school/projecty no?



~Mrs. B

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