First time sewing project

So we took a sewing class at our little community center here and on our 4th class we FINALLY finished our first project: a tote. We only had one more class after that so we didn’t have time to finish the second project in class….boo! But anyway….our totes came out so good!!! …..yes the pockets are kinda crooked, the seams don’t really line up and my straps are way longer then they’re supposed to be but I’m so proud of them for being our first thing ever that we’ve sewed!! Really…it’s not our fault…the teacher is pretty bad: no patterns, no samples, no pictures, NOTHING! We were pretty much going blind…if it wasn’t for my mother-in-law we would’ve been completely lost! They look a bit wrinkled, but they’re still pretty awesome….

My tote (the straps are long enough for me to use it as a messenger bag!)

Nick’s Hunter’s tote (not quite the shape he originally wanted, but it looks so good right?)



~Mrs. B


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