Birthday fun part 2

…..And the birthday extravaganza continues….I still have one more birthday dinner to attend and a lunch so it will officially be 3 weeks celebrating!! yayyy!!!  This last week was full of birthday fun….

Sunday brunch with my parents and brother….

On tuesday we drove out to Temecula for my birthday present: a hot air balloon ride and 2 nights stay at South Coast Winery (plus some wine tasting!).

We had to be at the balloon place at 6am!! YIKES!!! that was way too early for a birthday present, but it was so beautiful and fun that it was totally worth it.

sometime around 5:30am before getting some coffee to wake up

After our ride, they had some breakfast and mimosas waiting for us….plus a birthday cake for me and the other guy (Jason) that was celebrating his birthday as well.

After a lovely nap we went to lunch and some wine tasting and played with horses.  Dinner consisted of awesome hotdogs! haha and we ended the night with some jacuzzi time!!

yup…gut bomb

It was the best birthday gift so far! Thanks babies I love you!



~Mrs. B


  1. How fun! And I just had to comment because I have to tell you that you are so incredibly beautiful. It’s crazy!

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