Birthday fun, part 1

So to start the celebration we decided to go to disneyland on wednesday not just because it was my birthday, but also because it was the last day to use our annual passes and we won’t be renewing so we did an entire day at the happiest place on earth. It turned out to be the most awesome day for lots of reasons…. (btw…this is a long post, but don’t be scared…’s mostly pictures!)

1. Everyone says happy birthday to you. It feels pretty good.

2. It was supposed to rain all day long and then it turned out to be a lovely brisk fall day.

3. The promise of rain scared lots of people off so the wait lines weren’t more than 20 minutes. Sad part though…Toy story ride was closed, but its ok because…..

4. I got a picture with the princesses. My very first one ever!

5. The old time piano player man played happy birthday and Alice and her guest sang it andddd then the mad hatter sang a very merry unbirthday to me as well….cause he hates the birthday song!!

Happy Birthday Yanessa from Yanessa Bowser on Vimeo.

6. We got a picture with Woody and Jesse. And we got to play with baby goats.

. . .

7. We finally were able to see the World of Color show.


world of color preview from Yanessa Bowser on Vimeo.

Here’s some more fun pictures of the day…….

walking through a bug’s land

walking through a bug’s land

tower or terror

look, there’s a ghost! haha

after captain EO

space mountain

classic disneyland

just outside the little farm (behind thunder mountain)

together outside the farm

man who stares at goats

this is what we’re hoping our carved pumpkins will look like this year

nico and his friends

turkey leg

hidden camera

california screamin’

It was a pretty amazingly fun day and the fun doesn’t stop there. Next week it will continue with our stay at South Coast Winery and a hot air balloon ride. My hubs is pretty awesome! I can’t WAIT!!


~Mrs. B


  1. YOu guys are one of a kind.. so awesome, those pictures are too sweet. 😉

  2. Great pictures….hope the rest of your birthday celebration is just as much fun!

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