Lamb Burger Success

I’ve been wanting to make lamb burgers for a while now and today….I did.  Lamb is something else we’re slightly obsessed with, so I had to at least try to make them!!!

I got the lamb at costco, cleaned it and froze it (it grinds better when frozen….yes I did it myself with my trusty Kitchen Aid attachment!).  I looked for a recipe on line and found this one (minus the relish) and made it our own by adding some oregano and a splash of olive oil.

We also added some feta cheese while grilling (I have my very own professional grill master….his name is husband), made some caramelized onions (for Nick), added some spinach and a little yogurt sauce.  I served it on a slice of Gilroy garlic sourdough bread and with a side of this amazing orzo salad from Real Simple.

Oh yeah…and I don’t like tomatoes, but Nick does so for him I made a kabob of miniature tomatoes with some olive oil, salt, pepper and a lil’ bit of lemon juice. He said they were pretty awesome!!!

Oh my goodnesssss!!!! You don’t even know how delicious it was!! You must try it!

P.S. ~ My  yogurt sauce is something I make for lots of things. I use non fat plain yogurt, salt, pepper and garlic (all to taste).  For this version I also added some fresh dill.




~Mrs. B

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