Friday: Afternoon Delight

Ok….so it’s a few days overdue…but I was feeling a bit under the weather the last couple of days.

Mr. B is at man night so I got to have a delightful afternoon all by myself! Don’t get me wrong I love to hang out with him, but sometimes a girl just needs some girly alone time.

Today I got to try on makeup at the mac counter (i got a couple of things but I can’t get them until wed….i pre-shopped), went to get my nails done (toes are minty green and hands are red…though you can’t really appreciate them in these pics)…….

and now…..since I didn’t have to make any kind of dinner…. I decided to get some take out and I’m having this delicious thai feast while watching SATC.  ULTIMATE girly afternoon right?

I absolutely LOVE thai tea…..Nick hates it and thinks I’m crazy because he says it tastes like cigarette butts. I wonder if I can purchase the stuff to make it at home. I really really love it. Sometimes I actually crave it!
BTW….I can’t wait til we move to NYC and I can order take out and just wait for it in the comfort of my own home! I also won’t have to wait 30 min for it.

Oh, also while on Bergdorf’s page I found these lovelies by a couple of my favorite designers……

Chloe hobo
Christian Louboutin pump
Loeffler Randall boot
Christian Louboutin bootie
Needless to say I want them all…….
Buenas noches!!
~Mrs. B

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  1. that thai thing looks good!
    great mani and pedi!I love the red or it's pink?
    hahaha! the shoes maybe when in sale ?
    I, too , enjoy time alone? ♥

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