Fun Pin Cushion Project!

A few weeks ago I purchased one of Martha Stewart’s amazing books : Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts.  I already have the Encyclopedia of Crafts and I love it so after debating for a couple of months I decided I needed the sewing one as well; and um..duh! I love it too!

I found a super fun and “simple” pin cushion on there using a ball jar.  I have loads of ball/kerr jars from my wedding and also from other projects so when I started thinking of my mother in law’s birthday present naturally this project was the answer. I made two one for her and one for my mom’s friend Magali.  They both love sewing and this is a fun/practical way of carrying your tools.

I wrote “simple” because it looks and seems simple, but when trying to make them I realized that it’s not really simple.  It’s kind of hard to push the cardboard out of the way so the jar will actually close. Also when you work with a hot glue gun…it kind of sucks because it dries fast so you don’t really have enough time to do everything.  Anyway….I did finish both of them and they turned out pretty darn cute! See for yourselves…..(I forgot to take a pic of the black & white finished so I just have the green one)

Have yourselves a lovely wednesday afternoon….I know I will…I’m going to disneyland!
~Mrs. B

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