busy weekend….

For such a “laid back” weekend….it was quite full of things to do and places to be….

Friday was my dad’s birthday so we drove down to SD and it took us 3 hours because there was CRAZY TRAFFIC!!  We had a lovely dinner at Il Fornaio in Coronado and idiot that I am I didn’t take any pictures. I’m super bummed.  I really used to be much better at taking photos of everything….I MUST get back into that!

I kind of made up on Saturday by using both my phone and my Instax camera at Brooke’s first birthday party.  My friend Amanda and her mom totally outdid themselves with a “Madeline” theme party.  It was so so cute; and miss Brooke Bella looked adorable in her red tutu and navy blue high tops! My mom came up for the party so it was nice to spend a little bit of time with her.

……..While I was at the kiddie party Mr. B was filming a traditional Greek wedding in Santa Barbara which according to his stories was a super fun wedding and we might have some new friends for when we move to NYC.  Yes…we’re seriously, seriously thinking about this move now. He’s doing most of the researching and our parents really aren’t super ecstatic, but we’ve been praying about it since we got married and this is the one city that has remained on our list.  México (our other option) will be put on the back burner for now since we’ve decided it’s a little mellow for our life right now and we want to experience a fun city at least for a little bit.

Last week I decided it was finally time to paint my red walls back to the original white that the rest of the apartment has.  I didn’t take any before pics but they were the color of the bar stool I posted. Yes. very bright.  It’s been more than 2 years since they’ve been red and I’m over them so I started yesterday with the primer (I’m hoping to get the actual paint from my apt. manager so I don’t have to buy it). Here’s the first coat….you can still see the red in the background.

~Mrs. B


  1. NY! you know the only reason I 🙁 about the moving to NY is because of the 5 hours flight that I will be taking when I visit you every other month !! haha!
    I love NY, but I love you two the most!!

  2. Thanks for taking photos of Miss Brooke's birthday and more importantly I am so glad you and your Mama were there!! Brooke loves her Elmo and I have a pic of her with him to share with you…xo

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