Gem Faire

This weekend the OC fair grounds hosted Gem Faire (a HUGE bead show)!! Since I have a couple of orders I need to work on I decided to go on opening day….also I had a coupon to get in for free! yay!

I love going because there are sparkles and beads as far as the eye can see and if you know me you know I love sparkles. love. love! Also there’s awesome people watching. I didn’t take any pics of the fun outfits, but I did find something I had to get a snapshot of…it was my favorite of the afternoon……

Isn’t he the cutest!! He was HUGE!

I managed to find some lovely amethyst the same shade of purple one of my orders needs plus a few other fun things to play with.

……On other exciting news, I used my meat grinder for the first time ever.  It was pretty DEES-COS-TING!!! But it turned out to make some quite delicious blue cheese-bacon burgers! yum!

. . .
~Mrs. B

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  1. you look great cooking in that fancy hair cut!
    nice gloves to complete the outfit! love you!

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