Caricature Us

A few weeks ago we went to a wedding industry BBQ hoe down.  We had some yummy food, met some lovely people and got a caricature of us done.  We requested that he draw us both holding teacup pigs. Why?? We’ve been obsessed with these tiny little creatures and really wanted one…..until we realized that they still get pretty big (medium dog size) and it wouldn’t be the greatest idea to have a 40 lb. hoofed animal running around in a small apartment.  So we figured at least we’d get them in print. We still want one, but we’re waiting until we get a big house with a huge yard for them to hang out in.
This is what it looks like….

Doesn’t really look anything like us. I told Mr. B that it looks more like Brangelina dont you think? But we’re happy with it….our cartoon characters aren’t really supposed to look like us. And we love our pigs!



~Mrs. B


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