oh the joys….

Yesterday when I came downstairs, I found myself staring at my counter. Why you ask? Well (please see below)….wouldn’t you?? And it was even better because it was nicely wrapped in a plastic grocery bag from “La Ley” (grocery store in TJ). I was really confused because: 1. it wasn’t there last night when we went to sleep; 2. Neither of us likes tequila; 3. I’ve never seen this brand (but it looks like another well known one…so I’m guessing it’s a knock off!)

So I called my husband and this is how it went……
Me: Sooooo……Why is there tequila on the counter?
N: (laughing) oh it’s a wedding gift from Jose!
Me: ?!?! huh?? (side note~ we’ve been married 1 1/2 years)
N: yeah…you know, from work!
Me: when did he give it to you?
N: oh i don’t know….before we got married….
yep. it’s been at work since then and he just decided to bring it home on thursday.
…..on another note….today I got this in the mail
It makes my heart happy. Every issue makes me want to make everything in it and then I never do….but a girl can dream right?
~Mrs. B


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