Well…lots of things have happened in the last few weeks…..

First I finally started going to the gym again. My mother and brother will be happy to know this since they keep calling me chubs. I’ve been going to classes because I feel more motivated than when I go and just get on the machines. I’ve discovered a new class that I absolutely love….ZUMBA!! It’s basically an hour of fun dancing and you sweat like crazy!

We got a great surprise “congratulations on your wedding” card from some of Nick’s family and it had a macy’s gift card inside….so we went to get something, which led us to discover that we had slightly over $200 more on our leftover card than I thought. AWESOME!! so we purchased a juicer and now I’m making fresh juice almost every day!
I also got a meat grinder attachment for my mixer and I can’t WAIT to make my own ground meat for delicious bacon-blue-cheese-burgers!

We went with friends to see Dinner for Schmucks monday night and I really really really liked Julie’s hair! So much so that I decided to cut it like hers.  Coincidentally I have a hair appointment later today so it worked out that I had to wait 2 weeks for it!

Stay tuned for pics of the new hair…..


~Mrs. B

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