Lovely Day

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s day!!!  I did!! It was such a beautiful day that we got dolled up and went to the park and had a wonderful picnic! It was perfect!! Thanks, I love you husband!

. . .
. . .
. . .

In preparation for Valentine’s day…… Last thursday my friend’s mom ~Tutu~ had a valentine making party at her house. She really went all out to make it a lovely evening. She had an amazing spread of not just snacks, but everything you could want to use for making fun valentine cards.  Tutu and her friend Yolanda are little creative geniuses and they can make ANYTHING.  They had place cards which were actually candy bags and we each got a package with the basic pieces to create our very own decorative LOVE banner. There were dozens of pretty paper embellishments and lovely ribbons for us to use and there was even a delicious raspberry cake! YUM!

This was my candy bag…..

…here’s my banner and a little basket I made…..

. . .
. . .
This was such a fun night!! I can’t wait to do it again! Thank you Tutu and Yolanda!!


  1. Oh my creative little friends… you make my heart smile and give me hope 🙂

  2. I love the picnic idea!!you guys are adorable!!!

    About that crafty party; HOW FUN!!!,in spite of the fact I'm a totally craft-less person, I wish I could have been there..I'm soo jealous!!!!
    I'm in for the next one!

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