Project 3

I know I keep saying I’ll get better at this, but I haven’t.  I have lots to catch up on….I left off on project 2 and the semester ended and a new one starts this monday and I have yet to show you projects 3 & 4.

For this project I decided to make something that represented my husband and me.  I chose NY because that’s where he proposed and I also included fireworks because they’re just magical.  The silhouettes are of Nick and myself that we had made at disneyland last year (a favorite pass time) and I simply reduced them, traced them on metal and hand sawed them.  They turned out quite good right?

I used copper and brass and soldered everything together to give it a 3d effect and I used liver of sulfur on the silhouettes to make them darker. 

. . .
. . .


  1. Very cute! that reminded me that the same day of Valentines it's my second married Anniversary , gotta hurry to make some present for my hubby!

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