cutest little button nose

So I’d never really celebrated Halloween…..

1. Because it’s an american holiday.
2. My mother didn’t want us to.
…but somehow I absolutely love the idea of playing dress up…..especially when it comes to baby outfits. This is my friend Amanda’s little Brooke. She’ll be 2 months old next week and she’s sporting a halloween tutu made by grandma and a onesie that said “I want my mummy!”.  Isn’t she CUTE!?!?!?! This was also the first time I saw her with her eyes actually open.

Um, do they make these tights in adult sizes??? I want them!!
she’s such a little poser!!


Smiling and sticking her tongue out!!!


  1. ohhh she is so cute. I like the innocent smile and look on her face, all set to enjoy Halloween.


  2. This is so cute photo of your baby.You must have to celebrate and you have to take good care of her.She is an small child yet.

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