Project 1

How is my class going you wonder? Well, I’ve been waiting a few weeks to get my 1st project back in order to show you the fun things I’ve been making in class.  So far I’ve learned how to cut, anneal, bend and mold metal, patina process, riveting, embellishing surfaces, roller printing on metal, texturing, making jump rings, cleaning and polishing. Lots of fun stuff!

PROJECT 1 : using 6×6 pieces of paper, make 5 models of either a container, wearable art or sculpture.  The trick was we couldn’t cut any piece off!!! We could cut into the paper, but not tear anything off!

Once we did the paper models we had to pick one to translate to metal. I chose a pretty basic and clean box  to put my rings in for when I’m in the kitchen……here’s some pics of the process……



Ta da!!!  Looks good huh?!?!  I even got a 14/15!  I’m in the process of project #2: Make a wearable piece of jewelry with the theme: ELEVATION.

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  1. The final result came out to be really good. I liked the entire idea of not tearing anything off while doing the project. That was the real challenge.


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