Lovely Birthday Gifts

Sorry, I know I’ve been away for a while…..I had been working on both of my momma’s birthday gifts.  Both of their birthdays are in September so back in May I had this great idea to make them stationary since I knew they would both love it. Okay it isn’t stationary, it’s a box with cards for all different occasions.  The problem is I started them too late and it took me longer than I’d thought.  Luckily for me we celebrated late with both of them. I made 2 of each card (one for each of them) and made a different envelope liner for each one.  I also included a micron pen as well as seals stamped with their first initial. They were pretty much awesome! Here are a couple of pictures of my favorite ones…..

They both loved their gift so much that they don’t want to give any away and want to keep all the cards.


  1. wow! these are amazing! you are so talented and I love all the things you make.

  2. I'm so proud and blessed to have you as my daugther! love you and hope you have the time to bring out all those great crafty ideas your brain is bursting with!…love…!

  3. Your cards are simply awesome and creative. I think you start your own business of selling these cards, if you have not already started.

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  4. Ya this is so lovely bithday gift.we must have to gift to our friends,relatives and to our parents.That show's that how you feel about them.

    r4 ds

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